The Deadliest Earthquake In California History

By Logan DeLoye

June 14, 2023

cracked asphalt after earthquake
Photo: Getty Images

Just as the Midwest experiences seasons where tornados are more prominent, people living on the West Coast have gotten used to the existence of earthquakes. There have been some extremely large earthquakes to hit the Golden State within the last 300 years. In fact, some earthquakes are so intense that they can be felt across most of the state. Ironically, the largest earthquake in all of California history was not the most deadly.

According to ABC10, the deadliest earthquake was the second largest earthquake to hit the state. The deadliest earthquake in California history occurred on April 18, 1906 in San Francisco and ranked as a 7.9 on The Richter Scale. The United States Geological Survey mentioned that America uses The Richter Scale to record the magnitude of each earthquake. The higher the magnitude, the greater the energy that is released. The 1906 earthquake killed 3,000 people and caused property damages totaling $524 million. shared that most of the time, the rumble that is experienced during an earthquake has less to do with the actual quake and more to do with the buildings that collapse.

"Normally, it's not the shaking ground itself that claims lives during an earthquake. It's the associated destruction of man-made structures and the instigation of other natural disasters such as tsunamis, avalanches and landslides. Not only is it important to have a plan for yourself in the case of an earthquake, but your pets need a disaster plan as well," the website explained.  

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