8-Year-Old Ohio Girl's Lemonade Stand Shut Down Due To Complaints

By Logan DeLoye

August 15, 2022

Smiling girl at lemonade stand
Photo: Getty Images

Police in Alliance were called to the scene of a very unexpected "crime" on Saturday morning. A young, local girl had set up a lemonade stand near her father who was working at the Ohio Rib and Food Festival over the weekend. According to Fox8, 8-year-old Asa Baker set up her stand just outside of her fathers business located nearly a half a block from the festival.

After a few hours of charging customers $1 for a refreshing glass of lemonade, Asa was approached by a police officer who told her to shut the operation down. The police officer, who was reluctant to deliver the news, said that Asa needed a food vendors license to legally sell lemonade outside of the business.

"Well, they were really sad that they had to shut me down but they gave me $20 to try and pay for it," Asa mentioned to Fox8.

After the food festival organizers filed a complaint, the police officer had to enforce the law.

“I could definitely tell he did not want to shut her down, but, I mean, you get a call, he has to do it. He definitely did the right thing, you know, in the situation he was put in,” Asa's mother Katrina Moore shared. Fox8 noted that despite the innocence of the event, it is actually illegal in 36 U.S States to operate a lemonade stand without a vendors license, regardless of your age.

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