The California 'Mega Flood': What You Need To Know

By Logan DeLoye

August 16, 2022

Tsunami waves
Photo: Getty Images

As regions of California continue to experience flooding, the possibility of a "Mega Flood" wiping out city infrastructure has resurfaced. Scientists now believe that this catastrophic phenomenon could strike the state sooner than expected. According to FOX5, global warming might speed up the chances for what scientist have been referring to as "The Other Big One." It is predicted that nearly five to ten million people will be displaced as a result of the flood, and damages could cost trillions of dollars.

“Data show our Earth is warning and warmer air dries out to make droughts. Warmer air dries out to lead to more mega fires, but it also means warm air can hold more moisture and that more moisture can lead to floods that are ‘once in a century, once in a five century’ type floods become more common,” San Diego State University Professor of Geology Dr. Pat Abbott told FOX5. Others involved in researching the possibility of the catastrophic event have begun to highlight the importance of taking action now.

 "It’s time to gear up and explore the possibility of being prepared for something bigger," Oceanographer Marty Ralph shared.

FOX5 mentioned that the likelihood of the mega flood occurring is twice as likely as previously predicted due to rising global temperatures.

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