Arizona Detective's SUV Struck By Lightning While Driving Through Monsoon

By Ginny Reese

August 18, 2022

Photo: Arizona Department of Public Safety

Three on-duty Arizona detectives were driving through a monsoons storm when they had an "unlucky" lightning strike. KIRO 7 reported that the lightning strike happened over the weekend while the detectives were driving on I-10 toward Phoenix.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety announced the lightning strike on Twitter. The department wrote:

Three of our on-duty detectives had a scare over the weekend when their SUV was struck by lightning as they drove east on I-10 towards Phoenix. They initially felt a shock & experienced tingling sensations, but we're glad to report none were seriously injured."

Check out photos of the damage below, posted by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The department later followed up, writing:

"We can't say the same for the Dodge Durango, which has two holes in the driver's side roof and a fried electrical system."
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