This Buc-ee's Treat Was Named The Best Snack In Texas

By Ginny Reese

August 18, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Are you a salty or sweet snacker? Chances are, you can think of at least one salty snack that always satisfies those cravings.

Food & Wine compiled a list of the best snack in each state. Some of the snacks are famously tied to the state while others may have been improved by some of the state's iconic eateries. The website states, "While the primary goal of our state-by-state projects is finding the very best of everything, we've also aspired to paint a broad picture of American food culture, and to celebrate the considerable breadth and diversity of what's on offer, from sophisticated tinned seafood in the Pacific Northwest to the humble but mighty boiled peanut in the Deep South."

According to the list, the best snack in Texas comes from Buc-ee's, and it is the Beaver Nuggets. These are sort of like corn pops dipped in caramel and they're seriously delicious. Food & Wine explains:

"...The state's beloved hometown brand of gas station, Buc-ee's, seems to be opening locations at nearly half of said exits. Beyond some of the largest gas pump islands in the world, you'll find convenience stores that make your typical Trader Joe's seem tiny, brimming with freshly chopped brisket sandwiches and house-brand snacks. The most iconic, quite easily, has to be the deliciously evil Beaver Nuggets, sold in bags large and small — think corn pops, but if each one were dipped in delicious caramel, and you're basically there. Not for the faint-of-teeth."

A full list of each state's favorite snack can be found on Food & Wine's website.

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