Missouri Pastor Apologizes For Calling Followers 'Broke, Busted, Disgusted'

By Taylor Linzinmeir

August 19, 2022

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A Missouri pastor has issued a public apology after a video of him berating his congregation for not buying him a new watch went viral, according to Christian Headlines. He said the video clip "not reflect my heart or my sentiments towards God's people."

"I want to take this moment to address the now-viral video clip with me from a sermon given on August 7, 2022," Pastor Carlton Funderburke of Church of the Well Kansas City said. "Though there is context behind the content of the clip, no context will suffice to explain the hurt and the anguish caused by my words. I've spoken to those I'm accountable to and have received their correction and instruction."

Funderburke was upset his congregation had failed to fulfill his year-long request for a new luxury watch — Which can cost anywhere from $300 to over $3,000. "That's how I know you're still poor, broke, busted and disgusted, because of how you've been honoring me," he said in the viral video.

"Y'all ain't saying nothing? Let me kick down the door and talk to my cheap sons and daughters. I don't want to hear no more excuses about what you all can't afford. You can't afford it because you don't see the value here," Funderburke added as he pointed to the pulpit. "Y'all hear from your pastor and father. I'm over y'all. I'm over your cheap expressions."

Funderburke also asked the church and pastors to pray for him and forgive him for his actions.

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