WATCH: Bear Shreds California Vacationer's Backpack

By Logan DeLoye

August 24, 2022

Brown bear in the nature
Photo: Getty Images

Fox11 reporter Sandra Endo was vacationing with her family at Lake Mary in Mammoth when something entirely unexpected occurred. According to Endo, a bear that was swimming in the lake came to shore and started rummaging through her backpack that was resting on a nearby a tree. She was able to safely capture footage of the bear curiously inspecting her backpack.

The video shows the bear exiting Lake Mary and slowly walking over to the backpack. After taking things out and tearing the backpack up, the bear then goes back into the water to swim.

"It tore mine up. There's the aftermath of it all. We scrambled up the road, we put the kids in the car. They were terrified as the bear tore up my backpack," Endo shared with FOX11. She mentioned that her first instinct was to make sure her children were safe and away from the bear. In the excitement of things, she did not grab the backpacks.

"It was so close… too close for comfort," Endo said. "This will be the summer vacation they never forget." Endo told FOX11 that after speaking with experts, she learned that the bear went directly for her backpack because she brought scented deodorant and bears are attracted to scent.

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