Can You Guess Louisiana's Favorite Cheese?

By Sarah Tate

August 26, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Swiss, gouda, pepper jack, cheddar, American. Cheese comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors from all over the world, but if you ask a cheese-lover which they enjoy the most, they likely have their top favorite.

Zippia used Google Trends to evaluate the popularity of 20 popular cheese varieties and determine which is the favorite for each state by how often residents searched for it. If a state had two kinds of cheese at the top of the list, the one with the highest search volume was chosen as for Number 1 spot.

The overall favorite type of cheese for the United States is queso blanco, earning the top spot for eight different states, followed by cream cheese which was the top spot for six states.

So what is Louisiana's favorite kind of cheese?

Pepper Jack

According to the list, people in Louisiana searched for pepper jack cheese above all others. The semi-soft cheese is a variant of Monterey Jack cheese and adds a subtle kick of flavor and heat thanks to the peppers incorporated within. Louisianans aren't the only ones who claim pepper jack as a favorite. As it turns out, people in Idaho also really enjoy the variety, searching for it more than any other.

Check out the full report on Zippia to see the favorite cheese for each state, and to see how each compares with the rest of the country.

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