This Is The Most Dangerous Road In Louisiana

By Sarah Tate

August 30, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

For many people, driving along scenic routes is often a leisurely activity, giving them a chance to take in their surroundings while listening to their favorite music or podcast or even just chatting with friends. However, sometimes the easy drive can give way to terrifying roads, with narrow lanes winding along tight curves with little to no shoulder offering protection from a steep drop-off.

Earn Spend Live searched the country, evaluating miles of infrastructure and average annual number of fatalities to determine which roads are the most dangerous in each state, including an especially difficult roadway in Louisiana. According to the site:

"While there are plenty of safe roads to travel with gorgeous views to behold, there are other roads where you need to be a lot more vigilant. Some roads, you may even want to avoid entirely if you can help it."

According to the report, US Route 90 is the most dangerous roadway in Louisiana. Stretching across the southern length of the state, US 90 sees a high amount of traffic each and every day, especially as it passes through more populated areas like New Orleans and Lafayette. Because of the high volume of cars, traffic crashes are inevitable and occasionally fatal.

Here's what Earn Spend Live had to say about Louisiana's most dangerous road:

"The Louisiana US Route 90 suffers from a staggering 29.5 deaths per year. From 2008 to 2017, there were 271 crashes in total in the section of Route 90 and 295 fatalities. The roadway stretches across the southernmost states of the US. In 2005, many of the highway's bridges were destroyed in Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina."

Check out Earn Spend Live's report to see the most dangerous roads around the country.

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