Charlie Puth Reveals His Girl Problems On 'I Don't Think That I Like Her'

By Rebekah Gonzalez

September 16, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Charlie Puth is having some girl troubles. In his latest musical offering "I Don't Think That I Like Her" from his upcoming album Charlie, the singer opens up about his bad luck when it comes to love.

While he thinks everything is going great with a new love interest- "Meet her parents, meet her brother/ Then she starts sleepin' over the crib on weekends/ Like a real relationship"- they're unfortunately not on the same page.

"For me, the stars are alignin'/ But for her, it's bad timin'/ So she just can't be mine," Puth sings in the pre-chorus before lamenting on the chorus, "I don't think that I like her anymore/ Girls are all the same/ All they wanna do is break my heart, my heart (Oh-oh)/ I don't think that I like her anymore/ Girls are all the same/ They just wanna see me fall apart, apart."

In the song's bridge, Charlie acknowledges the lyrical content of the song may come off sour, but he's being earnest. "I'm tryin' not to be bitter/ But damn it, I'll miss her/ 'Cause she's one of a kind."

Charlie's self-titled third studio album is set to drop on October 7th. "I Don't Think That I Like Her" is the follow-up to his most recent singles "Smells Like Me" and "Left and Right" with BTS' Jungkook.

During his metaverse debut in iHeartLand, the singer revealed his upcoming release is all about being true to himself. "It took me, I'd say, five years to figure out that people wanted to see 100 percent of me," Charlie said, "and that's why I feel like I have the most people listening to my stuff nowadays."

Charlie Puth
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