WATCH: Bear Takes A Dip In California Couple's Pool

By Logan DeLoye

October 3, 2022

Wet bear in the forest
Photo: Getty Images

Seeing a bear on private property in neighborhoods across California is certainly no rare occurrence, but what if the same bear returns to the same home multiple times? A bear nicknamed "Baloo" decided to cool off by taking a swim inside of a California couple's pool and treated himself to some gourmet leftovers in the trash outside of their Chatsworth home. According to KTLA, Dr. Alon Antebi and his fiancé were able to get close enough to the bear to capture of video of the event on Sunday.

“Obviously, he’s a dangerous animal, so we have to be careful especially with our dogs, but we’ve been told by our security that animal control will not come unless [we’re] in immediate danger,” Antebi shared with KTLA. Antebi also told KTLA that this is not the first time that the bear has payed a visit to their resident. His fiancé stated that the curious animal will "stay at their house," and never brings any harm.

The video detailed the bear coming up to the kitchen door while the couple is having morning coffee. It then heads for the pool to enjoy a nice, relaxing swim. After exiting the pool and rummaging through the trash, the bear climbs the fence and leaves the property on its own time.

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