This Is Nebraska’s Weirdest Tradition

By Taylor Linzinmeir

October 5, 2022

Cow manure
Photo: Getty Images

Every state in the U.S. has its own unique history, and with that comes equally unique traditions. Although these traditions may seem a little strange to outsiders, they help shape a state's distinctive culture. 24/7 Tempo decided to examine these traditions and track down what they define as the weirdest in each state.

From 24/7 Tempo:

"Some of the traditions on our list revolve around holidays such as New Year’s Eve and Independence Day. Many towns in these states have put their own spin on these traditional celebrations. Not surprisingly, some of these offbeat traditions involve food. West Virginia hosts a cook-off for roadkill. In Minnesota, folks hold a meat raffle. Some of these traditions include races in which fish, as opposed to horses or dogs, compete against each other. In Maryland, visitors can root for their favorite crustacean in the National Hard Crab Derby."

So, what is Nebraska's most unique tradition? Bison-chip throwing. Here's what 24/7 Tempo had to say about it:

"Buffalo-chip throwing is one of the highlights of Chadron’s Fur Trade Days annual celebration of buck-skinners, traders, and Native Americans. Participants compete to see who will throw bison poop the farthest. The record is 204 feet and was set in 1990."
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