Here's What Winter In California Is Predicted To Look Like This Year

By Logan DeLoye

October 21, 2022

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Photo: Getty Images

Californians could see a weather divide between the Northern and Southern regions of the state this Winter as predictions for the impending season have just been released. According to data collected from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Southern California will likely experience a very dry winter while imminent weather patterns in Northern California remain a mystery.

“Drought conditions are now present across approximately 59% of the country, but parts of the Western U.S and southern Great Plains will continue to be the hardest hit this winter,” NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center Chief Jon Gottschalck shared in a release. “With the La Niña climate pattern still in place, drought conditions may also expand to the Gulf Coast.”

According to maps portrayed on the NOAA website, it is indicated that Southern California will experience above normal temperatures this Winter. There is a section of Northern California on the map that predicts equal chance of temperatures being both above and below normal. Similarly, another map details the amount of precipitation that the state will receive.

Northern California again remains a mystery as it could experience both above and below average precipitation levels, while Southern California will undoubtably be more dry than in previous years.

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