This Is The Creepiest Urban Legend In Louisiana

By Sarah Tate

October 27, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Who doesn't love a good urban legend? A myth or story you can tell around a campfire to spook your friends or show off your knowledge of local folklore.

Insider searched around the country to find the creepiest urban legend in each state, from a haunted bridge in Alabama that doubles as a portal to Hell to an infamous winged cryptid that flies over West Virginia.

So what is considered to be Louisiana's creepiest urban legend?

The Grunch

If you're from around New Orleans, you've likely heard of the Grunch, a group of deformed half-human, half-monsters that evolved in the bayous over years of isolation. Getting their name from Grunch Road, an old dirt road that leads to a dead-end in the woods, the legend is similar to that of the chupacabra.

While the story itself is enough to give you nightmares, the next part of the legend is sure to haunt your waking hours. It's said that if you happen to be on the road and see an injured goat, you should not get out of your car as the Grunch uses the creatures to lure unsuspecting victims out to drain their blood.

Check out Insider to see the full list of the creepiest urban legends around the country.

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