WATCH: Bear Breaks Into Car, Steals Snack From Family Visiting Tennessee

By Sarah Tate

November 17, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

A North Carolina family on a trip to the mountains of Tennessee got quite a surprise when they found a bear trying to break into their car.

The Pinnix family, from Caswell County, North Carolina, were staying at a cabin just outside of Gatlinburg over the weekend when a strange noise caught their attention on Saturday (November 12) morning. Teniesh Pinnix was on the porch when she heard a rustling from some bushes near the cabin, per WJZY. As she went to see what the noise was, she quickly found a sight that "shocked" her: A bear had found its way to the property and was trying to get into one of the four vehicles parked in the driveway by pulling on the door handles.

"I thought to myself, 'I know that ain't no squirrel making no noise like that,'" she recalled. "I looked over, and I thought, 'Oh Lord, it's a bear.'"

Still in shock, she began to record the strange encounter, watching as the bear successfully got inside one of the cars to steal a bag of popcorn. She repeatedly expressed her disbelief at what was going on in the video, which she shared to the outlet.

"I'm from Caswell County, and there are some strange animals out there, but I have never seen a bear," she said, adding that entire situation was "insane."

After the family's encounter, Teniesh is offering up some advice for others who may be visiting an area known for its bears and other wild animals: "No snacks, no food, no nothing. Don't go leaving anything in your car."

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