Michiganders Should Expect To Pay More For Their Christmas Tree This Year

By Taylor Linzinmeir

November 21, 2022

Christmas tree farm at sunset
Photo: Getty Images

Christmas trees will likely cost buyers more this year, according to WXYZ-7 News.

Growers nationwide reported a Christmas tree shortage last year driving up the cost of trees. The shortage occurred at the same many other products were in short supply due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was actually tied to a nationwide recession about a decade prior. Although growers claim the stock is much healthier this year, families should still expect to pay more than usual.

"As you’ve seen food prices in the store, this is a farm. We use fertilizers. We use other weed items and we’ve spent this year probably 30-35% more on the inputs that go into the farm and we have raised our prices about 10%," Cathy Genovese, the owner of Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm near Oxford, said. Despite the increase, Genovese said growers will still receive smaller profit margins as they try to keep the costs as affordable as possible.

"We’ve become pretty well known over the years and we love our customers. We are so thrilled to know that what we’ve worked so hard on during the years is going to grace somebody’s home for Christmas," Genovese added.

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