Shakira Fights Back Against 'Smear Campaign' Tax Fraud Prosecutors

By Logan DeLoye

November 25, 2022

Shakira is fighting back against Spanish prosecutors who have accused her of tax fraud. According to TMZ, the singer detailed these continuous accusations to be a "smear campaign," and has proof that she was not living in Spain during the time that prosecutors accused her of tax fraud.

Shakira filed legal documents on November 25th as a response to accusations encompassing $14 million dollars in taxes that were allegedly not paid from 2012 to 2014. TMZ mentioned that, per Spain's laws, persons must pay taxes if they spend "183 days or more" inside of the country in a single year. Shakira claimed that she was in America filming The Voice during the years that she is being accused of not paying taxes in Spain. When she was not in Spain, she payed taxes in the United States.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Shakira is only claiming to have been a resident of Spain in 2015 when she enrolled her son in school and lived in the country with her family for the year. Spanish prosecutors are also accusing Shakira of not paying taxes in 2011, during which the singer was on a global tour and didn't spend more than 60 days in the country.

TMZ noted that Shakira could face an 8 year prison sentence and a $24 million fine if she is found guilty, despite new documents surfacing that prove the singer to have payed $90 million to "Spain's version of Uncle Sam."

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