This Is The Best Pie In Massachusetts

By Jason Hall

November 28, 2022

Homemade Organic Apple Pie Dessert
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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie is being credited as the best pie in Massachusetts.

Love Food compiled a list of the best pie in every U.S. state, which included Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie as the top choice for Massachusetts.

Pronounced 'peet-see' Petsi Pies is a small bakery and coffee bar in Somerville, Boston, serving delicious handmade pies and pastries," Love Food wrote. "Baked fresh daily, everything from biscuits and brioche to pies and cookies look (and taste) incredible, but the chocolate bourbon pecan pie gets a special mention as it comes highly recommended by diners. You can order online for takeout and delivery."

Here is Love Food's full list of the best dish in every state:

  1. Alabama- Sweet Potato Pie
  2. Alaska- Cherry Pie
  3. Arizona- Country Apple Pie
  4. Arkansas- Coconut Cream Pie
  5. California- Banana Cream Pie
  6. Colorado- Bourbon Pecan Pie
  7. Connecticut- Chocolate Crème Pie
  8. Delaware- Banana Cream Pie
  9. Florida- Key Lime Pie
  10. Georgia- Raspberry Cream Crumble
  11. Hawaii- Blueberry Piña Colada Pie
  12. Idaho- Heather's Hand-Made Pies
  13. Illinois- Key Lime Pie
  14. Indiana- Sugar Cream Pie
  15. Iowa- Apple Pie
  16. Kansas- Fruit Pies
  17. Kentucky- Allergy-Friendly Pies
  18. Louisiana- Strawberry Ice Box Pie
  19. Maine- Wild Blueberry Pie
  20. Maryland- Baltimore Bomb
  21. Massachusetts- Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie
  22. Michigan- Michigan 4-berry
  23. Minnesota- Five-Layer Pies
  24. Mississippi- Chocolate Meringue Pie
  25. Missouri- Caramel Apple Pecan Levee High Pie
  26. Montana- Huckleberry Pie
  27. Nebraska- Peanut Butter Snickers Pie
  28. Nevada- Banana Cream Pie
  29. New Hampshire- Seasonal Pies
  30. New Jersey- Apple Pie
  31. New Mexico- Coconut Cream Pie
  32. New York- Salty Honey
  33. North Carolina- Chocolate Chess Pie
  34. North Dakota- Juneberry Pie
  35. Ohio- Buckeye Pie
  36. Oklahoma- Drunken Turtle
  37. Oregon- Pie Cupcakes
  38. Pennsylvania- Shoofly Pie
  39. Rhode Island- Apple Pie
  40. South Carolina- Pecan Pie
  41. South Dakota- Raspberry Rhubarb Jalapeño Pie
  42. Tennessee- Coconut Cream Pie
  43. Texas- Pumpeceapple Piecake
  44. Utah- Veyo Volcano
  45. Vermont- Blueberry Peach Pie
  46. Virginia- Berry Pies
  47. Washington- French Apple Pie
  48. West Virginia- Strawberry Pie
  49. Wisconsin- Brandy Old Fashioned Cherry Pie
  50. Wyoming- Cherry Pie
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