This Is The Coldest City In Colorado

By Zuri Anderson

December 13, 2022

Young woman looking over snowy landscape
Photo: Getty Images

People look forward to the winter to cool down from the summer and even enjoy some snow. While some states may not experience bone-chilling temperatures, like Florida and California, even these places get dips from time to time.

Stacker got curious and found the coldest city in every state. The website states, "Citing data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Stacker identified the coldest city in every state. The list below is based on 30-year average temperatures and also includes the average daily minimum and maximum temperatures for each ranked city."

According to data, Colorado's coldest city is Alamosa! Here's why it was chosen:

"When one thinks of Colorado, snow and mountains probably come to mind. However, while the state's coldest city, Alamosa, has its share of mountains, it is actually a cold desert and home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. If strolling around a chilly desert during the daytime does not sound appealing, wait for the sun to set, and take in a majestic view of the night sky."

They also provided data to back up why this city is the most chilly in the state:

  • #24 coldest nationally
  • Average annual temperature: 41.5°F
  • Average daily maximum: 59.2°F
  • Average daily minimum: 23.9°F

Check out the full report on Stacker's website.

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