'Really Strange': People Spot Mysterious Lights Hovering Above Las Vegas

By Ginny Reese

December 29, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

On December 23rd, people spotted what appeared to be a UFO hovering above the Las Vegas strip. But according to 8 News Now, the sight was likely a rare weather phenomenon that isn't usually seen in the Las Vegas valley.

Workers posted a video in the early morning hours of several lights hanging out in the clouds just above the Saphire Gentleman's Club on Sammy Davis Jr. Drive. The video shows some stationary red and white lights in the clouds with four spotlights moving around them.

You can hear people in the background of the video speculating what the lights could be. One person can be heard saying, "Honestly this is really strange. I mean we're here every night I've never seen anything like this."

Check out the chilling video of the lights at the link below:

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Las Vegas says that the lights are likely a phenomenon called light pillars. The National Weather Service's website describes light pillars as:

"Long pillars of multicolored light streaking the sky seem like the perfect backdrop for impending alien invasion, but in reality, light pillars are a common effect that can be found all over the world.
They do come from above — not extraterrestrials, but tiny crystals of ice hanging in the atmosphere. Ice is very thin, shaped like plates with hexagonal faces. When ice drifts down through the air, it falls close to horizontally. At the top and bottom are the faces with more area. Ice is very reflective, so when light hits those wider faces, it bounces around and reflects off more ice crystals."

Did you see the light pillars?

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