This Is The Most Popular Fast Food Chain In Massachusetts

By Jason Hall

February 8, 2023

Female hands holding s freshly served cheeseburger in an outdoor cafe
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Taco Bell is the most popular fast food chain among Massachusetts residents, according to

The website compiled data to determine the top five fast food restaurants in each of the lower 48 states with Taco Bell selected as the No. 1 choice for Massachusetts.

"Tacos, burritos and Crunchwraps are favorites in Massachusetts where Taco Bell is the most popular fast food," Cheapism wrote. "It joins three other states in the Northeast that also can't get enough of the Bell."

Massachusetts' top five fast food chains are included below:

  1. Taco Bell
  2. Wendy's
  3. McDonald's
  4. Burger King
  5. Subway

Taco Bell was also the top choice in Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon and Vermont.

Cheapism's top choices in each of the lower 48 states are included below:

  1. Alabama- Sonic
  2. Arizona- Sonic
  3. Arkansas- Sonic
  4. California- McDonald's
  5. Colorado- Chick-fil-A
  6. Connecticut- Wendy's
  7. Delaware- Chick-fil-A
  8. Florida- Chick-fil-A
  9. Georgia- McDonald's
  10. Idaho- Sonic
  11. Illinois- Wendy's
  12. Indiana- Chick-fil-A
  13. Iowa- Taco Bell
  14. Kansas- Sonic
  15. Kentucky- Sonic
  16. Louisiana- Popeyes
  17. Maine- Taco Bell
  18. Maryland- Chick-fil-A
  19. Massachusetts- Taco Bell
  20. Michigan- Taco Bell
  21. Minnesota- Taco Bell
  22. Missisippi- Sonic
  23. Missouri- Sonic
  24. Montana- Wendy's
  25. Nebraska- Sonic
  26. Nevada- McDonald's
  27. New Hampshire- Taco Bell
  28. New Jersey- Wendy's
  29. New Mexico- Sonic
  30. New York- Wendy's
  31. North Carolina- McDonald's
  32. North Dakota- McDonald's
  33. Ohio- Taco Bell
  34. Oklahoma- Sonic
  35. Oregon- Taco Bell
  36. Pennsylvania- McDonald's
  37. Rhode Island- McDonald's
  38. South Carolina- Sonic
  39. South Dakota- Culver's
  40. Tennessee- Sonic
  41. Texas- Sonic
  42. Utah- Wendy's
  43. Vermont- Taco Bell
  44. Virginia- McDonald's
  45. Washington- Wendy's
  46. West Virginia- Wendy's
  47. Wisconsin- Culver's
  48. Wyoming- Wendy's
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