Jamie Lee Curtis Tells Bruce Springsteen, U2 To Play Matinee Shows

By Logan DeLoye

March 8, 2023

2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards  - General Atmosphere
Photo: Getty Images North America

Jamie Lee Curtis wants Bruce Springsteen, U2, and Coldplay to start playing earlier shows. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Independent Spirit Awards, Curtis mentioned that she would happily attend a 5-hour Springsteen concert if it started at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

“I am gonna just say this now as a taunt and as a suggestion. U2: do a matinee. Coldplay: do a matinee. What about a 12 noon concert, Coldplay? What about it? Bruce Springsteen: do a f****ing matinee! You’re old! Why wouldn’t you let me come see you, Bruce Springsteen, in your glory days — pun intended — and do it at noon or 1 o’clock? 2 o’clock! 2 o’clock matinee! Theater in New York, 2 o’clock! I will come and hear your five-hour concert, Bruce, at 2 o’clock, and I’m gonna be home and in bed by 7:30.”

Just three days ago Curtis told The Hollywood Reporter that she was skipping the Oscars nominee dinner on Thursday because it started too late.

"Why? Because mommy goes to bed early. 'Cause 7:30 is gonna be 9 before we get food, and you know what? There's nothing good happening with me after 9 o'clock. Nothing. Zero!"

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