Warning Issued Over Outlets In Hotels And Airbnbs

By Dave Basner

April 28, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

When you stay at a hotel or an Airbnb, you expect to be just as comfortable and safe as you would be in your own home, but unfortunately, that isn't always the case. There have been many reports recently of hidden cameras being found in USB chargers, clocks or elsewhere in the rooms. It's gotten to the point that some guests won't go to sleep until they've inspected every possible hiding spot for a camera. That's what one woman did recently when she stayed at an Airbnb for a 30th birthday party with her 14 friends, all of whom thought she was being paranoid and crazy. It turned out, she wasn't and one of her pals named Kennedy explained what happened on TikTok.

Kennedy said her friend had a feeling that there was a camera in the house. The rest of the women shut her down, telling her she was "just being dramatic," but that didn't stop the woman from shining her light in "every single shower head, all the picture frames, doorknobs, everywhere in the house." When she got to the bathroom, she found a small camera in an electrical outlet that faced the shower.

According to Kennedy, the outlet didn't work but looked perfectly normal, until you peeked into the hole where the bottom prong would go. In there, you could see a tiny camera.

The women "freaked out and called the cops," who searched the place and found "the cameras," which means there was more than one. And since the friends had already been there for a night, there was footage of them undressing, showering and using the bathroom.

Kennedy ended her post saying, "So the moral of the story is always check your outlets for cameras at your Airbnb and always listen to your super paranoid friends."

Commenters were deeply disturbed, writing things like, "This is my worst nightmare - absolutely terrifying," and, "You need to sue them for violation of privacy and press charges - that is a crime!"

So far, Airbnb refunded their money but there is no word yet on what legal actions might be taken.

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