Creepy Room Discovered Under Hotel Bed By Disturbed Guest

By Dave Basner

October 15, 2021

It used to be that the worst thing you might find in a hotel room was a dirty bed, but it turns out that far creepier encounters can occur while staying at a hotel or a motel, and one woman shared a video on TikTok of the freaky thing she found in hers.

In the clip, the woman, named Addison, explains that she was on the hotel bed when she noticed a cut in the floor. She and her grandmother then lifted the carpet along the cut and found wooden boards beneath it. They picked up the boards and under them was a spooky, dark, unfinished space. Making matters all the more disturbing - the building only has one story.

Commenters had suggestions for what the space could be. One said, "A boiler room or a bomb shelter - especially if it's an older hotel," while another stated, "It's a crawl space. Every hotel has it."

Others though were very frightened by what they saw, comparing it to the 2007 horror film Vacancy, about a crazy motel owner who uses tunnels under the building to get into guests' rooms and kill them.

Addison posted a second video where she addressed some of the theories, pointing out that it could be a crawl space, but there weren't any pipes or wires in the secret room. She also noted that the space extended past their room and went under other parts of the motel as well.

Addison then posted more footage of the area under the bed, which is about as dusty and eerie as you'd expect it to be.

See if Addison shares anything else about the secret room by following her here.

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