Here's The Best Beach In Washington

By Zuri Anderson

May 5, 2023

Woman on the beach waring tank top
Photo: Getty Images

When Americans think about beaches, they immediately consider Florida, California, or any state that borders the ocean. But the truth is every state can have a beach, and they each have their own charm, amenities, natural landscapes, and other neat features.

If you want to think outside of the box for your next vacation, look no further than Reader's Digest. Writers rounded up a list of every state's best beaches. The website states, "While you may not actually be able to surf at every single one of these beaches, it’s pretty incredible that every state in the United States has something to offer in terms of sand, surf, and sun."

According to writers, Washington's best beach is Alki Beach! Here's why it was chosen:

"Are there pretty beaches way out on the Olympic Peninsula? Of course, but those take at least a few hours to reach from almost anywhere in mainland Washington. That’s why Alki Beach ranks as the state’s best. It offers easy access from Seattle and tremendous views of the skyline and Space Needle. Plus, there’s a mini Statue of Liberty and history floating up onto its shores: This sandy spot is where the modern incarnation of Seattle began, so basically, without Alki Beach, there’d have been no Nirvana or Pearl Jam."

If you're curious about more potential beach trip opportunities, check out the full list on

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