Liam Payne Reveals He's Been Sober For 'Over 100 Days'

By Rebekah Gonzalez

May 18, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Liam Payne has revealed he's on a sobriety journey. During a recent interview with iFL TV, the former One Direction member shared, "I'm sober now over 100 days." The singer continued, "I feel amazing. I feel really, really good, and the support from the fans has been really, really good, so I’m super happy.”

Back in 2021, Payne said that the hit "rock bottom" during his time in the beloved boyband due to his use of drugs and alcohol. “I was worried how far my rock bottom was going to be. Where’s rock bottom for me? And you would never have seen it. I’m very good at hiding it,” he said on the Diary of a CEO podcast. “No one would ever have seen it.”

"There were a few pictures of me on a boat, and I was all bloated out,” Payne explained at the time. “I call it my pills-and-booze face. My face was just, like, 10 times more than it is now. I just didn’t like myself very much, and then I made a change."

Payne recalled that having to stay in hotel rooms during peak One Direction fame prompted him to turn to the minibar often. "So, at a certain point, I just thought, ‘Well, I’m going to have a party for one,’ and that just seemed to carry on throughout many years of my life. And then you look back at how long you’ve been drinking, and it’s [like], ‘Jesus Christ, that’s a long time,’ even for someone who was as young as I was. It was wild, but it was the only way you could get the frustration out in the day.”

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