Ohio Restaurant Has The Most Beautiful View In The State

By Sarah Tate

July 21, 2023

Photo: Superb Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Many people are looking for more in their dining experience than just good food. Some tend to gravitate toward rooftop bars that offer a breathtaking view of lights shining along a city skyline breaking through the dark of night or restaurants with stunning views of a sunset along the beach or grand snow-capped mountains standing tall in the distance.

Hawaiian Islands knows how a gorgeous view can take a good meal and make it a great experience so it found the restaurant in each state that offers the most beautiful view. The site even found the restaurants with the most beautiful world, deciding that one spot on the Hawaiian island of Maui took the very top spot.

According to the site, the Ohio restaurant with the best view in the state is Pier W. Located near Cleveland, Pier W is an award-winning upscale seafood restaurant situated along Lake Erie that not only has great views of the city but a unique appeal of being designed like the hull of a ship. Pier W is located at 12700 Lake Avenue in Lakewood.

Here's how the site determined its list:

"We searched the phrase 'beautiful view' on TripAdvisor to collate a list of restaurants in 126 countries and every U.S. state that featured that phrase in their respective reviews. Restaurants with the highest number of mentions of the phrase 'beautiful view' were determined to be the restaurants with the most beautiful views. Where more than one restaurant had the same number of of 'beautiful view' mentions, preference was given to the restaurant with the higher average rating or the higher number of reviews."

Check out the full list at hawaiianislands.com to see more restaurants around the country — and the world — with beautiful views.

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