Jeezy Recalls The Shocking Moment That Could've Ended His Life

By Tony M. Centeno

August 10, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Jeezy is opening about the one time he contemplated ending his own life.

In a revealing interview People published on Wednesday, August 8, Jay "Jeezy" Jenkins recalled a memory from his younger years, which he wrote about in his new book Adversity For Sale. The SNOFALL rapper described the militant conditions he was living under during his time at a Youth Challenge program in Fort Stewart, Georgia. Towards the end of the program, Jenkins took a field trip to a naval base where he was overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and fears about his future.

“So it was all this stuff in my head," Jeezy explained. "I just remember standing there and it was for a brief moment, I would say at least about 10 minutes, I actually contemplated jumping in the water. I had never had suicidal thoughts, but I [thought], ‘Well, s**t, if I just jump in the water, I ain’t gotta deal with this. I ain’t gotta go back home. I gotta do none of these things.'”

“‘No, bro. You gonna have to man up," he continued. "You gonna have to go back home. You got to figure this out.'”

Jeezy previously shared that writing his first book was a form of therapy for him. In his recent conversation with the Rap Radar Podcast, the Trap Or Die artist explained why his shift from writing rhymes to penning books was just the next step in his career.

"I had been writing music for so long," Jeezy explaind. "These are just extended stories so it was the next thing coming anyways because it was like I had to figure a way to continue to tell my story, but do it from a perspective of how can I spread some knowledge. With music, you can kinda do it but you got three minutes to make your point and you can do songs on top of that but you still gotta talk about the lifestyle but you don't really get in depth of how you felt and what you went through. So the book form was dope to me. It was therapeutic just writing it. I needed that."

Jeezy's Adversity For Sale is in bookstores everywhere.

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