Chaotic Details About Missing Couple Found In Alaska's Past Revealed

By Jason Hall

August 20, 2023

Photo: TikTok

New details about the Tennessee couple found alive in the Alaskan wilderness more than a week after going missing have been revealed.

Sabine Milby, who claimed to be the sister of Cynthia Hovsepian, 37, addressed speculation over strange videos previously shared by Hovespian in which she accused Jonas Bare, 50, of alleged abuse. Milby's post, which was share in a Facebook group dedicated to the search for Hovsepian when she and Bare were still reported missing, stated that Hovsepian is "a recovered drug addict," which led to previous issues in her relationship with Bare and a breakup before the two reconciled.

“Meth and Herionm (sic) being her demons and these video clearly show this," Milby wrote. "At height of her addiction in 2021 she suffered a stroke and was found unresponsive in her car which she was living out of. A friend of hers contacted Jonas who she had been seeing but was no longer romantic with. Her drug use made it impossible for him to see her. However, when she was found in her car in Nashville Jonas came to her aid and got her to the hospital.”

“She had a massive stroke, had Covid and was close to death,” Milby added. “While in the hospital she had 3 more strokes and was diagnosed with Miocadidis inflammation of the heart. After months of recovery she received open heart surgery and although she lost much of her sight has made a remarkable recovery. She now lives with Jonas as a roommate and he makes sure that she is well taken care of. They decided on a long overdue vacation to Alaska which they both were excited about. There is NO foul play involved.”

Hovsepian and Bare were spotted by a hiker in the woods in Fairbanks eight days after they were reported missing. The couple was reported to have gotten lost on what was intended to be a brief hike, according to Bare's uncle, who spoke to the New York Post on the condition of anonymity and said he believes they became dazed and confused after being stuck in the sunlight for extended periods of time.

“They were lost, I’m sure, and disoriented or else they would have been out of there,” he said.

Bare's daughter told the Post that her father and Hovsepian received treatment at a hospital, however, their condition and potential injuries were not made clear to the newspaper.

The couple was reported to have last been seen on a hiking trail at a popular Fairbanks resort on August 10 prior to their disappearance. Hovsepian was described as being visually impaired and using a cane to walk at times, according to an Alaska State Troopers missing persons bulletin seeking assistance in the case.

Bare shared an eerie Facebook post about his trip on August 8, having previously acknowledged that he was going to Alaska for his 50th birthday.

I greatly appreciate all the web love for my B-day hurrah! Finally have a signal as we leave base camp tomorrow at 7:00...

Posted by Jonas Bare on Tuesday, August 8, 2023

"I'm not going to get lost like I did 10 years ago in Australia and Katoomba Range. If a Kodiak gets me, I'll consider that an honorable death," Bare wrote.

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