The Best Lake Destination In Tennessee

By Sarah Tate

August 22, 2023

Photo: Ascent/PKS Media Inc./DigitalVision/Getty Images

America is a vast and beautiful country and as such has many different environments stretching across the country, from rocky mountains reaching high in the sky and fields swaying in the breeze and stretching endless distances to breathtakingly beautiful beaches lining the coast. The U.S. also houses thousands of lakes that provide a great way to cool down in the sun or serve as a much-needed waterfront destination for anyone living in landlocked states.

Travel Pulse searched around the country to find the best lake destination in each state that "serve as both a base for water-based recreation and a place to get away from it all."

While Tennessee has plenty of beautiful lake towns that are worth a visit, the best lake destination in the Volunteer State is Kentucky Lake. Despite the ironic name, the reservoir stretches nearly 200 miles through Tennessee and Kentucky, giving it plenty of shoreline and surface along the water for fun recreational activities like boating and fishing.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Nope, that's not a typo, this manmade beauty extends well into the Volunteer State, and come summer, it becomes the place to go to embrace fun on the water. Rent a houseboat or just stay in a house near the water and take a boat out on the lake all day, but just make sure to stay out long enough in order to catch a Kentucky Lake sunset."

Check out Travel Pulse's full list to read up on the best lake destination in each state.

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