Here's The 'Strangest' Museum In Colorado

By Zuri Anderson

September 21, 2023

Museum Curator Explaining Exhibit To Visitors
Photo: Tom Werner / DigitalVision / Getty Images

The United States is home to many quirky creations, from unorthodox buildings to iconic landmarks and restaurants. Naturally, there are going to be some museums dedicated to often overlooked or straight-up odd subjects.

Some of these exhibits and attractions make you go, "Does there need to be a whole museum for this?" The bottom line is that these museums are fascinating enough to capture the attention of both locals and tourists. If you're curious about these unique museums, Reader's Digest compiled a list of every state's "strangest" museums.

The top pick for Colorado is the Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum! Writers explained why you should give this museum a shot:

"Just in case you wanted more laundry in your life, the Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum is home to all the washers you wanted and many, many more. One thing is for sure: After seeing the 1903 hand-operated washer, you’ll come home thankful for your newfangled Energy Star washer and dryer."

You can find this museum at 35901 WCR 31 in Eaton.

If you need to add more out-of-the-ordinary museums to your bucket list, visit for every state's weirdest museum.

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