New York County With The Lowest Cost Of Living In The Entire State

By Logan DeLoye

October 9, 2023

Aerial photography of suburbs, NY
Photo: Stone RF

Would you consider the county where you live to be an affordable place to inhabit?

There are a few counties scattered across each state that are known for being more affordable places to live than others. These counties, while still affected by the impact of inflation, remain cost-effective locations. Be it the stability of the rental market, or affordable healthcare, something about this county allows for it to be a cheaper place to live than most.

According to a list compiled by Stacker, the county with the lowest cost of living in all of New York is Herkimer County.

Here's what Stacker had to say about compiling the data to discover the most affordable counties to inhabit in America:

"Nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed by financial services provider Primerica at the end of 2022 said they are not able to save for their future due to rising costs. Home prices, rent, and food inflation as well as higher prices for gas in the last couple of years are making it so that each dollar earned has even less purchasing power than before. Stacker compiled a list of counties with the lowest cost of living in New York using 2022 rankings from Niche.

For a continued list of the most affordable counties to inhabit across the country visit

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