The Best Foodie Destination In All Of New Mexico

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

November 8, 2023

Young Woman Eating Food At The Restaurant
Photo: Getty Images

Foodies, an eclectic community of culinary enthusiasts, have completely redefined the way we experience and appreciate food.

This unique tribe of individuals is different in every state and in every city, and their admiration for food is certainly admirable in itself. Each dish, from the perspective of a dedicated food lover, comes alive with fun flavors and creativity.

However, despite viewing all food as an art and as culturally significant, foodies are drawn to specific eateries more than others, boosting the restaurants' popularity and name recognition. has highlighted the best foodie destination in all 50 states:

"If you're the person who identifies as a foodie in your friend group, you're probably always on the lookout for restaurants that you haven't tried yet. You most likely have an endless list of bookmarked spots to visit, should you ever go to that city or state, and we're here to help you add more places to your tally."

In New Mexico, the number one foodie destination is Indian Pueblo Kitchen in Albuquerque:

"Native American food is a must if you're headed to New Mexico, and a local staple spot is Indian Pueblo Kitchen. The executive chef, Ray Naranjo, blends together traditional ingredients and cooking techniques with his modern culinary education and experience. The menu offers family-style options so you can split a bunch of small dishes, tapas-style, with your fam and friends."
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