Two Huge California Properties Named Among The 'Biggest Mansions' In The US

By Logan DeLoye

November 20, 2023

Do you enjoy driving past large houses just to marvel at their architectural excellence? While it is not uncommon to see a street lined with large properties, it is a unique experience to encounter the most gigantic mansions in the country. There are 25 properties scattered across the United States that are known for being so extremely large, that they have made the news on multiple occasions.

Whether they were built in decades past for fortunate business owners and creators, or specifically for public tours, something about these immaculate properties makes you wonder what it would be like to exist there, even for just a little bit.

According to a list compiled by Explore, the largest mansions in California are The One in Bel Air at 105,000 square feet, Hearst Castle in San Simeon at 68,500 square feet, and San Sylmar in Sylmar at 60,000 square feet.

Here's what Explore had to say about some of the biggest mansions in California:

The One:

"How many swimming pools does one house need? Five is the answer if you're film producer Nile Niami, who built The One in Bel Air, California. Niami planned to sell the mansion for $500 million in 2015. However, the project became mired in debt, and the house was put into bankruptcy before being sold at auction for $126 million in 2022."

Hearst Castle:

"Built between 1919 and 1947 for publisher William Randolph Hearst, Hearst Castle was designed by one of America's earliest major female architects, Julia Morgan. The entire complex is made up of the massive Casa Grande, as well as three sprawling guest houses, elaborate gardens and one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world, the 345,000-gallon Neptune Pool."

San Sylmar:

"San Sylmar penthouse tower was a ten-story home where J.B. Nethercutt lived with his wife in Sylmar, CA. The penthouse suite even housed a rotating bedroom. On the floors below, there were a Louis XV dining room and a theater. Below that, Nethercutt kept his large collection of classic cars. The collection eventually got too big for the tower, and Nethercutt had to construct another building across the street."

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