Ariana Grande Got Matching Tattoos With Someone Very Special To Her

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

December 30, 2023

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Ariana Grande surprised fans on Friday as she took to her Instagram Story, offering a retrospective look at the highlights of her year.

Amid the assortment of standout images, one particular photo stood out — matching tattoos shared with her Wicked co-star, Cynthia Erivo.

The 30-year-old pop sensation and the 36-year-old acclaimed actress both adorned their palms with the phrase "For Good" on April 24, 2023, marking a significant bond between the two artists.

The choice of the tattoo holds a special significance, resonating with fans familiar with the iconic musical.

“For Good" is not just any phrase but the title of a duet performed by Ariana's character, Glinda, and Cynthia's character, Elphaba, in Wicked. This shared ink becomes a tangible symbol of the connection forged through their roles and the profound impact the musical has had on their artistic journey.

Beyond the visual display of camaraderie, Cynthia Erivo provided the musical’s enthusiasts with a backstage pass to the Wicked movies in a recent interview. She offered updates on the filming process and gave insights into what it's like to share the stage, or in this case, the screen, with Ariana Grande.

The anticipation for the Wicked film adaptation is already high, and Cynthia's commentary adds another layer of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the cinematic rendition of this beloved musical.

Looking ahead, Wicked fans have marked their calendars for the release dates of the two-part film. Wicked: Part One is slated to hit theaters on November 27, 2024, with Part Two following closely on November 26, 2025.

The journey from the Broadway stage to the silver screen promises to be a thrilling one, and the matching tattoos shared by Ariana and Cynthia serve as a timeless reminder of the collaboration and friendship formed during this creative project.

Ariana Grande
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