Popular Restaurant Serves North Carolina's 'Must-Try' Sandwich

By Sarah Tate

January 10, 2024

Photo: Tracey Kusiewicz/Foodie Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Sandwiches come in a shapes, sizes and flavors, so what makes one stand out from the rest? What takes a sandwich to the next level from being simply tasty to one that is out of this world? 24/7 Tempo searched around the country to see the various food specialties served in different regions, compiling a list of the "must-try" sandwich in each state and the best place to find the "definitive version" of it. According to the site:

"Some sandwiches draw on a region's ethnic culinary heritage; some are inspired by what's being hunted, grown, or fished locally; others are a spin on a local barbecue style; and some were simply invented in the state in question and have since become iconic."

According to the list, the sandwich that everyone in North Carolina absolutely "must try" (if they haven't already) is the pulled pork, specifically the one served at the famous Skyline Inn BBQ located at 4618 Lee Street in Ayden.

Here's what the site had to say about North Carolina's "must-try" sandwich:

"In North Carolina, the BBQ is all about the pork, topped with a tangy vinegar-based sauce in the east and a tomato-cased red sauce in the west. It's great on its own, but just about perfect when eaten in a sandwich."

Read up on more of the country's "must-try" local sandwiches by checking out the full list at 247tempo.com.

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