Georgia Destination Name The 'Most Unusual Town' In The State

By Sarah Tate

January 29, 2024

Photo: Flashpop/DigitalVision/Getty Images

You may be familiar with the big cities, and even well-known smaller locales, scattered around America that tend to draw in tourists. But there are also some truly interesting towns you may not have heard of before that are also worth visiting. It seems as if everywhere you turn in the country, you'll find a unique town waiting to welcome visitors with open arms to experience the magic of what makes that town special.

ALOT Travel compiled a list of the most unusual town in each state, places that "hold stories, traditions, and monuments that are sometimes a little off the beaten path." According to the site, the most unusual town in all of Georgia is Ashburn, a small town in south central Georgia that offers a unique attraction along Interstate 75 in the form of the world's largest peanut.

Here's what the site had to say about Georgia's most unusual town:

"Georgia may be synonymous with peaches, but the real money-maker in the state is peanuts. If you'd like to experience a real tourist trap while visiting Georgia, head on down to Ashburn and take in the splendor of the world's largest peanut statue. You have to hand it to the creative minds behind this monument, which pays homage to the humble legume that puts plenty of cash into the pockets of state producers."

Check out the full list at to see more of the most unusual towns around the country.

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