Minnesota Restaurant Serves The 'Best Chicken Wings' In The Entire State

By Logan DeLoye

February 1, 2024

Boneless chicken wings
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You can't go wrong with a hearty plate of juicy chicken wings steaming to perfection delivered straight to your table fresh from the kitchen. This American delicacy is especially popular in February as we gear up for Super Bowl LVIII in 10 short days! Existing as both the perfect appetizer and entree, (depending on how hungry you are) chicken wings are enjoyed in various ways. Bone-in wings are a classic choice, but many also prefer to order boneless wings. Sauce might be the biggest game changer of all, as spicy buffalo wings and sweet bbq wings greatly differ in taste.

So, what is your go to chicken wing order? Preferences aside, there is one restaurant in every state that serves this iconic dish better than the rest.

According to a list compiled by LoveFood, the best chicken wings in Minnesota are served at Red Cow in Minneapolis. LoveFood praised these chicken wings for their tenderness and delicious sauce.

Try the: Japanese Sticky Wings

Here's what LoveFood had to say about the restaurant that serves the best chicken wings in the entire state:

"Looking for great wings in Minnesota? Head to funky sports bar Red Cow, which has five outposts in the state. Its Japanese Sticky wings, which are sweet and spicy with a hint of citrus, have been described as the "best ever". You can have them on the bone, or gluten-free and boneless."

For a continued list of restaurants that serve the best chicken wings across the state lovefood.com.

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