Tennessee Eatery Named The 'Most Famous Restaurant' In The State

By Sarah Tate

February 5, 2024

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what the most famous restaurant is in your state? Each state may have the popular choices that diners may enjoy, but what is the one spot that people visit just to say they have been there, the establishment that even celebrities seem to flock to.

According to a list compiled by Business Insider — basing its picks on culinary awards, appearances in movies and television, and celebrity sightings — the most famous restaurant in all of Tennessee is Bluebird Cafe, a legendary restaurant/venue in Nashville that has led to the discovery of many famous faces, including Music City's very own Taylor Swift.

Bluebird Cafe is located at 4104 Hillsboro Pike.

This is what Business Insider had to say about Tennessee's most famous restaurant:

"Bluebird Cafe in Nashville is a restaurant that operates as a famous music venue. Opening in 1982, Bluebird Cafe serves minimal comfort foods, including chicken fingers and pork sandwiches. However, the real draw is the music performances and the famous guests, which have included Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi, Melissa Etheridge, and Garth Brooks. The ABC show Nashville was also filmed there in 2012."

To read up on more of the most famous restaurants in the country, check out the full list at businessinsider.com.

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