Chilling New Audio From OceanGate Titan Submersible's Last Moments Revealed

By Jason Hall

February 29, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Chilling new audio from the doomed OceanGate Titan was released for the first time this week.

The trailer for the upcoming documentary 'Titan' for Channel 5 in the United Kingdom shared by UNILAD features the underwater "banging" noises detected by the Canadian Air Force during the search for the vessel.

"It could be somebody knocking, the symmetry between those knockings is very unusual," said former Navy Submarine Captain Ryan Ramsey via UNILAD.

On June 21, a Canadian airplane aiding in rescue efforts for the submersible that disappeared while on a mission to explore wreckage of the Titanic reportedly detected "banging" in 30-minute intervals in the last area in which the vessel was reported to be when it lost radio contact with its surface ship, according to internal emails sent by the Department of Homeland Security's National Operations Center obtained by Rolling Stone.

“RCC Halifax launched a P8, Poseidon, which has underwater detection capabilities from the air,” the DHS e-mails read. “The P8 deployed sonobuoys, which reported a contact in a position close to the distress position. The P8 heard banging sounds in the area every 30 minutes. Four hours later, additional sonar was deployed and banging was still heard.”

The submersible -- which differs from a submarine as it relies on outside support, rather than renewing its own power and breathing air -- offered passengers an up-close experience to explore the Titanic wreckage in the Atlantic Ocean for $250,000 and was only the third mission hosted by OceanGate Expeditions since initially being offered in 2021. The vessel, which imploded and killed all five passengers, including CEO Stockton Rush, was reported to have reached 3,800 meters "as few as 13" of the 90 attempted dives, according to a four-page liability waiver signed by a would-be passenger, which referred to the submersible as "experimental" three times.

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