Flavor Flav Teases Surprise Album: 'I’m Getting Ready To Throw It At Y’all'

By Logan DeLoye

March 19, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Flavor Flav is gearing up to release an entirely new album that presents something we've never heard from the artist before. During an interview with TMZ, the "Bring the Noise" standout revealed that he is currently working on an all-instrument album that he plans to produce entirely on his own.

“You’ve got more music from me to look forward to, I know that. I got some more music coming out too. I ain’t let nobody hear it yet. I’m getting ready to throw it at y’all in a minute. I’m gonna surprise y’all with an-all instrumental album from Flav. You gon’ hear nothing but instruments, music. It’s gonna be all played by myself. Keyboard, bass guitars, a lot of the percussion instruments."

Flavor Flav shared that he might receive help from a "couple of other players" but on the whole, the album will be a solo-project. The Public Enemy co-founder also mentioned that some of the new music that he is working on (aside from his instrumental album) will feature vocals from longtime musical partner Chuck D.

As if releasing brand new music wasn't exciting enough, the "Rebel Without a Pause" will also be working on a reality television show that spotlights his trek towards obtaining his high school diploma. He told TMZ:

"Some more reality TV coming up for [me] but no dating shows! It’s not the dating show thing, man. I’m going back to high school to get my diploma! That’s what my show is going to be about. Flavor Flav goes back to high school to get his diploma and I’m getting it for real. Not a GED, bro. I want my diploma.”

Fans can look forward to being "surprised" with new music and binge-worthy TV from Flavor Flav in the coming months!

Flavor Flav
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