Olivia Rodrigo Is 'Obsessed' With Her Boyfriend's Beauty Queen Exes

By Sarah Tate

March 22, 2024

Photo: Universal Music Group

Olivia Rodrigo is not like other girls — and that's exactly what she's worried about in her new single "obsessed," off her GUTS (spilled) deluxe album, which dropped Friday (March 22).

The vulnerable track sees the 21-year-old powerhouse obsessing over the smallest details of her boyfriend's seemingly perfect ex, voicing her worries of not measuring up to how great she was even if "you both have moved on [and] don't even talk." The driving drum beat and guitar riff of the verses lead into an even heavier sound in the punk rock-influenced chorus as Rodrigo sings "I remember every detail you have ever told me, so be careful, baby. I'm so obsessed with your ex."

The accompanying music video, which also dropped Friday, follows that same thread of anxiety as the Disney alum arrives at a hotel ballroom, a metaphorical black sheep in dark makeup and a black dress surrounded by pageant queens all dressed in white. While Rodrigo dons a sash reading "Miss Right Now," other girls have sashes labeling them as exes of her partner's past, such as "Miss Thought She Was The One," "Miss Also Thought She Was The One" and "Miss Put Him In Therapy."

The chorus cuts to Rodrigo more in her element as she rocks out with her band, a few bored beauty queens still lingering around, before the video moves into her handing out awards to the exes, like who is good with kids and who is "the life of every f------ party"

The video ends with Rodrigo as the last one still standing, vacuuming up the trashed party room after all the pageant queens have left, indicating that she is the one who has to clean up the mess her boyfriend's exes have left behind.

Days after announcing GUTS (spilled) in the most iconic way, the deluxe version of Rodrigo's sophomore album dropped Friday and features five new tracks, including "obsessed." Three tracks — "girl i've always been," "scared of my guitar" and "stranger" — all appeared as hidden songs on various vinyl releases of the album, but the record also features a brand new, upbeat love song called "so american," which sees the singer declaring that she thinks she's in love.

Check out the music video below, and stream GUTS (spilled) at iHeartRadio.com.

Olivia Rodrigo
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