WATCH: Pit Bulls Tear Apart Car In Front Of Florida Home

By Zuri Anderson

April 2, 2024

Angry Dog Growling, Snarling, and Showing Teeth
Photo: Cheryl Paz / iStock / Getty Images

Security cameras caught the moment two pit bulls viciously tore apart a car in front of a Florida home. Christie Barr told WMKG the shocking attack happened around 3 a.m. over the weekend at her house in Southwest Jacksonville.

Footage shared with reporters shows the two dogs biting and clawing at the vehicle while trying to reach a cat. At one point, one of the pit bulls goes underneath the vehicle in a failed attempt to get the feline hiding behind the car engine.

Barr said she woke up the following morning to find her car ripped apart in places, initially believing it was a person behind the damage. After contacting the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and reviewing her surveillance camera video, that's when she learned the surprising truth.

“I thought someone maybe took a BB gun and shot my car,” the vehicle owner said, noting the dogs never got to the cat. “There’s no doubt in my mind had they gotten that cat, she wouldn’t be here today."

Barr's insurance company estimates the car suffered $3,000 in damage from the dogs. Residents are also on edge because they're worried for their safety and don't know where the pit bulls are.

Barr also reached out to animal control but didn't get a response. It's unclear if the dogs belong to somebody.

“If they can do that to metal on a car, they could tear a human being up," she warned. "You need to take care of them."

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