Glass Animals Are 'Creatures In Heaven' As They Explore Love & The Universe

By Sarah Tate

April 3, 2024

Photo: Lillie Eiger

Glass Animals are getting ready to drop a new album and are getting fans excited for the release by sharing their newest single, "Creatures in Heaven."

The song, which dropped Wednesday (April 3), is the lead single from the English band's upcoming fourth studio album I Love You So F***ing Much coming this summer, a follow-up to 2020's Dreamland. According to a press release, the 10-track album is full of songs each sharing an intimate love story "set against the backdrop of the universe."

"Creatures in Heaven" is all about being in the moment and enjoying time together, even if it doesn't end up working out in the long run.

"It's about a moment in time, be it a split second or a year or whatever, having the capacity to be enormously formative and life-changing," Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley said in the release. "Even if it is over. Or if it doesn't go as planned. Or if it dies too soon. It is still f-----g beautiful. They love and care and the feeling in that moment lives forever. It never really dies. If that's how you choose to see it."

The verses of "Creatures in Heaven" are packed with longing and thoughts of missing "You" driving the beat along before reaching the chorus, "I don't think I realized/ Just how much I miss you some times/ We were young and so in love/ We were just creatures in heaven."

Check out the music video below to see their love and longing reach across the universe.

Bayley was inspired to create I Love You So F***ing Much after garnering international attention from their hit track "Heat Waves," watching the song receive massive success while at the same time the world was locked down from the pandemic.

"Life can change dramatically, but sometimes you aren't able to change as quickly on a personal level," he said. "You end up feeling like a spectator. And then you are asked and expected to be a certain type of person, a different person. But... I wasn't sure how. It confused me to the point of not knowing who I was or if anything was real."

This existential crisis led Bayley to question himself, the universe, love and the whole of human experience, ultimately landing on the important realization that "human connection and the love between us is much bigger, more important, and more complex than anything else."

Here is the full tracklist for I Love You So F***ing Much:

  1. Show Pony
  2. whatthehellishappening
  3. Creatures in Heaven
  4. Wonderful Nothing
  5. A Tear in Space (Airlock)
  6. I Can't Make You Fall in Love Again
  7. How I Learned To Love The Bomb
  8. White Roses
  9. On the Run
  10. Lost in the Ocean

Glass Animals will also surprise fans with couple of pop-up shows this month, one in Pioneertown, California, on April 11 and another April 15 in Mexico City, but more shows are expected to be announced soon.

I Love You So F***ing Much drops July 19.

Glass Animals
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