Wisconsin City Named The 'Loneliest' In The Entire State

By Sarah Tate

April 3, 2024

Photo: AlexanderFord/E+/Getty Images

Depending on the person, living alone can either be a freeing experience of learning how to enjoy your own company or an isolating situation where you feel cut off from the noisy nature of having a roommate. Regardless if an individual falls on one side of the spectrum or the other, they are not alone as millions of people around the country also live alone.

24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of the "loneliest" city in each state, analyzing data from the more than 37 million people living alone across the U.S. According to the list, the "loneliest city" in all of Wisconsin is the area of Milwaukee-Waukesha. Of the 220,643 households recorded in 2022, 33.7% are one-person households. Additionally, the adults living alone out of the adult civilian population is 17.8%.

Here's how the site determined its list:

"To find the loneliest city in every state, 24/7 Wall St. used Census Bureau data, ranking 384 metro areas by the share of nonfamily households living along out of all households. We added the share of people living along as a percentage of the civilian, noninstitutionalized 16+ population. All data, including monthly gross rent and bachelor's degree attainment rate, came from the 2022 American Community survey either one-year or five-year estimates. For some metro areas that span several states, we considered the main state, though the statistics are for the metro."

Learn more about the loneliest cities in the country by reading the full list at 247wallst.com.

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