The Best Historic Neighborhood In Washington

By Zuri Anderson

April 8, 2024

Front yards of All American homes
Photo: gregobagel / E+ / Getty Images

There's something inherently charming about historic locations. Exploring the shops and streets, gazing upon the unique architecture, or learning about how these spots have evolved is fascinating. What about living in these spots? Some people are attracted to homes that have stood for decades and stories behind the neighborhood it's nestled in.

If you're curious about these longtime communities, 24/7 Tempo released a list of every state's "nicest historic neighborhood." Analysts described how they compiled their rankings:

"To determine the nicest historic neighborhoods in the United States, 24/7 Tempo reviewed district listings from the National Register of Historic Places and five-year data on home value from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 American Community Survey. Historic districts registered in the NRHP were ranked based on the average home value of owner-occupied housing units within their boundaries."

According to the website, Washington State's best historic neighborhood is the Harvard-Belmont District! Located in Seattle, the average home value is $1,118,406. The median home age is 56 years. The neighborhood was listed as a historic district in 1982. Nearly 750,000 people live in Seattle.

Check out the complete list of every state's top historic neighborhood on 24/7 Tempo's website.

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