That Mysterious Bruise You Have Might Mean You've Been 'Injection Spiked'

By Dave Basner

April 19, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Many people who come home from a bar or a club not feeling great might think that they just drank a little too much, but something more sinister could be at play and their drink might have been spiked. Now there is an even scarier possibility - a new, disturbing way that creeps with bad intentions are drugging potential victims. It's called "injection spiking" and sees victims getting injected by a stranger without even knowing it.

Some victims of injection spiking are coming forward on TikTok, sharing their frightening stories. Many describe waking up with a mysterious, sometimes painful, round bruise that features a small dot in the middle where a needle was pushed into them.

One person spoke to the Independent about her experience, explaining how after a night out, she woke up with memory loss and a pain in her hand. Examining the pain, she noticed a pinprick mark. Some victims have gone to doctors and are given the scary suggestion that they return in three months for an HIV test.

Telling to the paper why the trend is so scary, a college student stated, "It sort of changed the game a bit, the fact you can be conscious about keeping your drink close. But then you can’t really stop someone injecting you."

If you are going out, don't just be mindful of people around your drink, be aware of anyone around you, and if you feel a pinch of a scratching sensation and think you might have been injection spiked, go someplace safe.

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