Man Who Put Netflix’s ‘Girl In The Picture’ Murderer Behind Bars Speaks Out

By Logan DeLoye

May 23, 2024

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Franklin Delano Floyd, a notorious murderer whose endless list of crimes were featured in 2022 Netflix documentary “Girl in the Picture,” was sentenced to death in 2023 for slaying Cheryl Ann Commesso, an exotic dancer living in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1989. According to The Tampa Bay Times, the murder was one of a slew of crimes the killer committed throughout his life.

Missing persons investigator, Todd Matthews got involved in the case after receiving a call from Steve Patterson; a man who found his own missing persons page online after searching his name on the internet. As Matthews looked into the timeline that was Floyd's complicated and well-hid life, lines continued to cross and the story began to get more and more complex.

Matthews explores Floyd's extensive criminal profile, interviewing key witnesses and officials who might lead him to the answers he seeks in iHeartRadio podcast, Hello, John Doe.

In the latest episode, Matthews speaks to Mark Yancey, the man who "prosecuted Floyd for the kidnapping charge that finally put him behind bars." Yancey explains how the murderer was able to avoid the law for so long, how he met his fate on death row, and what led investigators to "right a wrong" regarding the mysterious alleged hit-and-run related death of Suzanne Marie Sevakis (who ends up being identified as Patterson's mother).

For the full scoop, check out the latest episode of Hello, John Doe titled "CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Mark Yancey On Floyd's Trial" on iHeartRadio now!

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