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June 24, 2024 41 mins

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe fill in on The Herd, and react to a report that Mike McCarthy is “fed up” with Jerry Jones undermining him in Dallas. Oklahoma gives Brent Venables a 6-year extension and much more!


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Oh yeah, baby, it's the Herd Fox Sports Radio. No
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Here on a Monday, it's LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, Jonas
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And if you're listening on hundreds of affiliates all across
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time on a Monday morning.

Speaker 4 (00:54):
How are we feeling?

Speaker 5 (00:54):
Okay? I can fling us back, really.

Speaker 4 (00:58):
But do we do someth wrong last time? I don't know.

Speaker 6 (01:01):
I mean, I just figured we'd talk about the usuals,
you know, the lebron Dallas Cowboys, what else?

Speaker 3 (01:08):
Well, I mean, what makes you think we're going to
go in that direction here? I mean, I don't know
the hits all right, well, listen, if we want to
play the hits, let's go ahead and play the hits.
Then here we go, and we're off and running. Welcome
to the NFL off season starring the Dallas Cowboys. They

are back and the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys are back in
their rightful place, not actually in a deep run in
the playoffs or in a super Bowl, but in the
news in the off season when games aren't being played, because,
according to Tyler Dunn of Golong, Mike McCarthy is getting
fed up with Jerry Jones and the influence there that

he's gotten Dallas.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
He said, quote, he's doing the best he can.

Speaker 3 (01:58):
An ex Cowboys personnel man recently said, some of the
people I've talked to have said that he's getting fed
up with it a little bit. He also mentioned that
the report noted the current players are more concerned about
Jerry Jones than their own head coach, and as indicated
by a high ranking Cowboys lieutenants over the notion that quote,
ownership can undermine the head coach at any moment. They

also pointed out that the fact that he didn't get
a one year extension and he's basically lame Dug coach
puts him in a really bad spot. Regardless, Mike McCarthy
going into what could be his final year as Cowboys
head coach and at this point, based on this reporting,
is a little bit tired.

Speaker 4 (02:36):
Now things shake up there in Dallas.

Speaker 6 (02:39):
I'm going to play both sides of this one because
I can understand his frustration. I think a lot of
head coaches aren't accustomed to an owner that's kind of
weekly radio show that can basically air out anyone at
any time. And it doesn't seem like he's got much
of a filter, so that can be frustrating. But you
also know what you were signing up for. I mean,
it's not like Jerry Jones has really changed. So when

Mike McCarthy took time off after getting fired from Green
Bay and took this opportunity, I mean they had their
sleepover and everything for the interview process, and he had
to literally know what he was getting in bed with,
right and after a rough first year, and granted, I
think you give him, you know, a benefit of the doubt.

Speaker 5 (03:18):
Because it coach to anything else.

Speaker 6 (03:20):
It's twelve and five, twelve and five twelve five. The
regular season has been fine. It's more been how things
have ended in the playoffs, and that's really what has
stuck with everyone in the back of their mind, is
just disastrous endings on the field. And that has nothing
to do with Jerry Jones and what he says during
his radio show during the season or what he does

or doesn't do when it comes to the offseason. That
has to do with Mike McCarthy and how this team
has executed once they've gotten the playoffs, and this past
year not even showing up against his former team, the
Green Bay Packers, the disastrous ending to their season back
in twenty twenty two versus the San Francisco forty nine

ers with a what the heck was that play at
the end of it. I mean there's countless things. The
two minute drive too, where they thought they'd have enough time.
I mean, there's so many things you could point to
the last three years that has nothing to do with
Jerry Jones.

Speaker 5 (04:18):
So as much as this.

Speaker 6 (04:19):
Report may be true, and I think we can all
understand that, it still doesn't change the fact that Mike
McCarthy and this Dallas Cowboys teams, when it's mattered the
most in the postseason, have struggled to figure out a
way of getting to a super Bowl or at least
getting to an MC Championship game.

Speaker 7 (04:38):
Do we know who put the report out? Where at
the report originate from Tyler Dunn? And what was his source?

Speaker 4 (04:45):

Speaker 7 (04:46):
Personnel, People and personnel. Yeah, members in the Cowboys.

Speaker 5 (04:49):
Probably not related to Jones family.

Speaker 7 (04:51):
Probably not related to the Jones family. You know, I
know I get made fun of for watching fantasy shows.
You know, I just watched the later. I don't make
fun of you about that. I appreciate it. I know
you don't. We're on the same page. We're good with
one and not hear more about the honest. Well, here's
the thing I just I just watched The Game of
Thrones is the original, but the new one is a

House of Dragons, right, And you know, and watching it,
you start to realize that you fight the battles of
running a kingdom internally. It's not really one on the
battlefield of where you have the catapults and you know,
the spears and the cannons and all that stuff. It's

actually one behind closed doors, right, And what information you
know is disseminated from there and resonates from there is
usually a sophisticated, maybe considered sophisticated, maybe not so much,
but seemingly sophisticated plan or idea as to how you
want to manage the expectations and deliver the messaging and

the branding of what this monarchy represents to the common man,
to everybody that's out there. Depending on where the message
come from, it dictates how you view the people who
are making the decisions. Right, and this is one of
those scenarios where you gotta believe if it's Jerry Jones's side.

Jerry Jones once it's always been stated the over pronounced
approach to what he does is to win a Super
Bowl and him be the reason why they won a
Super Bowl. The reason why they are the reports is
he fell out with with Jimmy Johnson because they couldn't
come to a healthy relationship in terms of who represented what.

And then boom, You're trying to figure out what you're
going to do, you know, post Jimmy Johnson, which you
have Barry Switzer and all those guys. You've won super
Bowls with other coaches, But he wants to win this
Super Bowl for him and his family in the worst way.
Mike McCarthy is on his second head coaching job, and
we all know that to get a second head coaching

job in the NFL after leaving one, you're you're basically what,
there's never been a coach that's been a head coach
three times a head coach three times?

Speaker 4 (07:14):
Correct? Is that? Is that an accurate that? I think
it's an accuracy three times?

Speaker 3 (07:19):

Speaker 4 (07:19):
Three times? Yeah? How that work out?

Speaker 5 (07:22):
Uh so?

Speaker 7 (07:22):
So in the in the end, in the end, I
think what's happening is, if it's coming from Mike McCarthy's side,
this is self preservation, and in fact, I might say
if it's coming from the jone side, it might be
self preservation as well. You're trying to find a way
to move on or set up what it's going to

be if this team underperforms, right, you just put it
out there like it gets picked up. Okay, it's going
to be discussed. If I'm Mike McCarthy, I'm putting it
out there because I'm letting y'all know before we go
into this season that something ain't right, and that's something
isn't right because this guy continues to be a person
that is undermining what it is that I'm trying.

Speaker 4 (08:06):
To do create and build here.

Speaker 7 (08:07):
So really, what I'm trying to tell y'all is this
isn't my fault as a head coach.

Speaker 4 (08:12):
You know, if you date a.

Speaker 3 (08:13):
Stripper, don't complain two years later when she comes home
smelling like somebody else's cologne.

Speaker 4 (08:18):
Is what it is?

Speaker 3 (08:19):
You got in bed with that, literally, and then then
you want to complain about it after the fact. This
is the cowboys experience. So what I'm just saying like this,
this is the Cowboys. Dalton Schultz talked about it when
he said that, you know, it's just night and day
difference between the Cowboys and the Texans where the Cowboys,
like you'll be working out and people are taking tours
and they're looking at you through the glass like you're

at a zoo, Like that's what the Cowboys do. That's
what Jerry Jones is. So the idea that like, well,
you know, I'm getting fed up because he's got too
much influence. He's got to Brady's point, whatether owner in
the NFL or in sports has has two radio hits
a week all year long. Jerry Jones, does you know
who's got the other radio hits? His son Stephen Jones.

It's just like, this is what they do. So like
Mike McCarthy go, oh, you know, I'm just getting fed
up with it. Okay, if he's fed up with it
and the Cowboys have a decent year and they offer
him a contract extension after the year, take.

Speaker 4 (09:15):
It, they would take it.

Speaker 7 (09:19):
Yeah, well, I didn't mean all of those things. Somebody
said that. It wasn't me. That's this is self preservation.
That's why you use a different source to put your
information out there.

Speaker 4 (09:28):

Speaker 6 (09:29):
Let's let's also acknowledge though, other teams within their division
and the way they do business. So for example, the
Philadelphia Eagles, they've been able to re sign, retain, make
all these moves in the off season, whether it was
you know Smith or you know even melt or or
whoever else you want to talk about the roster. It

didn't doesn't It doesn't need to get to the point
where it becomes a talking point. As no, does Mike
McCarthy go into his final year, but so does Dak
Prescott and ce what's a new contract and Micah Parsons
is two years out, but they've already set the precedent
of redoing those contracts. Or extending those contracts because of
Zeke Elliot in the past.

Speaker 5 (10:09):
So now a guy like Micah.

Speaker 6 (10:10):
Parsons, who's done everything you could ask for him to do,
is knocking at the door saying, I understand that you
don't want to do this for every.

Speaker 5 (10:18):
Player, but I'm that guy. I'm that player.

Speaker 6 (10:20):
I've done exactly what Zeke has done, but on the
defensive side of the ball for you, So pay me now.
And it does seem like, for whatever reason, as that
price tag continually goes up for every one of those guys.
And that's one of the reasons why Dak Prescott's contract
is as ironclad as it is and he has so
much leverage. But it's because they waited, and it's because they,

for whatever reason, don't want to do business the way
they should.

Speaker 5 (10:44):
With guys that they've drafted, guys that they've developed, guys
that they've hit on.

Speaker 6 (10:49):
I mean, if I'm in the personnel department, there's gotta
be some frustration to a degree, right. Will McClay does
a tremendous job there, because as much as you want
to acknowledge the fact that they are hitting on a
bunch of these guys, they don't necessarily extend them when
they should. They should extend them earlier in their career
so they can work with the salary cap work some
of those numbers not give up so much leverage to

someone like Dak Prescott, who was again going into a
final year of the deal the last time around and
now has a no trade trade tag, has no franchise tag.
I mean, all these different, you know, closet things they
put in their contract. They're able to do because Jerry Jones,
Steven Jones, they sit on the hands and they wait
and they allow the market to continue to go up
and up and up. I mean it's only going up

for quarterbacks, it's only going up for receivers. And so
that drama continues. And as much as we want to say, well, yeah,
I guess that keeps them in the news, it keeps
them as part of the story. I would think if
you're Mike McCarthy, yeah, you're tired of the story being
about everything other than football and everything other than what's
on the field. And look, maybe that, you know, negates

what I said earlier, but maybe it's also distracted from
how the seasons have.

Speaker 5 (11:56):
Ended a little bit. Because there's always something going on
in Dallas in the offseason.

Speaker 3 (12:00):
Do you think somebody in Dallas was like when the
em Att Smith hold out happen, They're like, all right,
that got a little ugly, but at least we learned
our lesson. That'll ever happen again. You know what this
all these years later, everybody's like, no, I'll just wait
and get.

Speaker 7 (12:11):
Complame all of this on Green Bay, all right, you
Green Bay packers out there, you know what you've done.
You've created people that just constantly want attention and drama.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
That's all this is. This is a product of that
lead to lap.

Speaker 7 (12:26):
I know you might not want to hear this, but
the drama is from everybody who comes from Green Bay.

Speaker 4 (12:32):
She got Michael McCarthy.

Speaker 5 (12:33):
Shot at Green Bay, and you took a shot up
there at the.

Speaker 4 (12:35):
Jets, Yes I did.

Speaker 7 (12:38):
And then here's the thing, right, you got these drama queens,
I mean, Kings guys, drama guys and the Kansas, and
they want this attention during the off season. And for
what Why does Aaron Rodgers want this attention? Why does
a headline like this come out? Why does this happen?
Why ask why? You say, because they're Green Bay people,

and I don't understand why that is. Maybe it's because
they don't have a whole lot going on. Maybe it's
because it's about playing the hits. I want the attention
on me. Where does this headline come from? Why is
this a headline to day to day?

Speaker 4 (13:13):
And you know what? Who did it last week? Who
had the headlines last week? Or Mike McCarthy.

Speaker 7 (13:19):
Are you and Aaron Rodgers competing for swag and clout
in the media, like for coverage?

Speaker 4 (13:26):
Who's doing it? Wait a second, who's doing it?

Speaker 5 (13:28):
Didn't you?

Speaker 4 (13:29):
I want to know, didn't you almost sign with Green Bay? Yes?
Is this why? Because it was two miles walked.

Speaker 7 (13:34):
Into picket the big pickets room and he was in
there sitting in his boxer shorts with like five orders
of room service, and I was like, yeah, I'm not
coming here.

Speaker 4 (13:44):
I'm not coming here. Why there's nothing going on this? Does?
I mean?

Speaker 7 (13:47):
If this is the exciting is the height of my
excitement coming to Green Bay?

Speaker 4 (13:51):
I can't come here.

Speaker 6 (13:52):
I gotta be honest with you. I've got family who
was up in Green Bay. They loved it, they miss it,
want talk about it all the time.

Speaker 4 (13:58):
We'll go back.

Speaker 7 (14:02):
What's holding you back? I just want to know where
the dramas coming from. And both teams are going to
lose next year.

Speaker 6 (14:10):
Well, the drums was still present in Dallas before Mike
McCarthy got there. True, And the difference you can make
the case is the fact that now it's not whether
or not they're a playoff team, it's whether or not.

Speaker 5 (14:21):
Hell is the season gonna end?

Speaker 6 (14:23):
Like? Is it gonna end to hoisting up at Lombardy?
What we do in a disastrous fashion like we've seen?

Speaker 4 (14:29):
What week? Does Mike McCarthy get fired? What an optimistic out?
Is that on the draft? Is that on the draft?
To draft? Back? Is that on draft?

Speaker 3 (14:38):
Yeah? Search when Mike McCarthy will be fired? All right,
let me ask you that. I bet you there's a line.
If they win a playoff game, that's a win. Not enough,
not enough. If they if they go to the conference championship,
that's back, that's a win.

Speaker 5 (14:51):
I think it's back.

Speaker 4 (14:53):
He's gone.

Speaker 5 (14:55):
It doesn't help that Bill Belichick's out there.

Speaker 4 (14:57):
I'm surprised I didn't do it this year. He's gone.
He's out of the Literally, dan Quinn jump ship quick.
Once you saw dan Quinn jump ship.

Speaker 7 (15:05):
Now you've got Michael Parsons don't even seem like he's
really banging with the defensive coordinator all like that. Ceed
Lamb wants his contract. He's upset, you know, Dak Prescott,
he's at the end of his contract. Now you got
the head coach. He's coming out. He seems to be
the scruntled. If the purports are the reports are accurate,
there's just there's an issue. There's issues in Dallas.

Speaker 6 (15:28):
Let's go through their schedule real quick, because you you're
you're already putting it over under on when he gets fired.
So I've got to I've got to ask you. I'll
give you three options. Okay, Okay, here we go. The
first option is, and this is their first six opponents
at Cleveland, Oh first New Orleans at home versus Baltimore,
and then back to back weeks on the road the
Giants and then the Steelers.

Speaker 4 (15:49):
Done after the Giants, that's done. After the Giants, I
don't know it.

Speaker 5 (15:54):
I mean they could they could be two and two,
three and one, I mean, I don't know about that.
Done after So anyway, I'll get to the rest of
the schedule.

Speaker 6 (16:02):
So then they have after Detroit, they have a bye
week seven, which if you're going to make a change,
that's usually when it would happen. You'd say after week six,
they make the change, a couple weeks to get in order,
and then they you know, have to go on the
road back to back weeks. But the more interesting storyline
is you had a coach on your staff that was

potentially looked at as a replacement in dan Quinn. They
don't play Washington until week twelve in Washington, a little
before Thanksgiving. So that's the tough part is Let's say,
for example, you go to Washington and you lose and
you get stomped by the guy that you had in

your house running your defense, one of the top defenses,
then you could have hired. You decide to allow him
not to be that that have to be the case,
let him go to Washington. But then you've got a
short week where you've got to put the Giants on Thanksgiving,
so it feels like it be hard to do and
that's hard on your team if you're gonna do it
at that point. And then the next time they play

Washington is until.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
The end of the season.

Speaker 6 (17:07):
So in a way, the schedule almost has set up
to allow Mike McCarthy and Dallas to avoid that pink
elephant in the room having to face a Dan Quinn
coach team that's in their division. They got to play
twice and was a guy that I guess reportedly they
all loved.

Speaker 7 (17:25):
I just wonder if that pink elephant smells like cologne,
because this is going to be done after the first dance.
Now let's go to the white gorilla in the room.
What I don't know, pink elephant smell like glad.

Speaker 4 (17:46):
Damn? It is the Herd here on Fox Sports Radio.
I mean, I don't know if it's you just never know,
all right, So we are. I'm quit.

Speaker 5 (18:00):
If we're offeting some advising pick.

Speaker 4 (18:02):
Elphan, don't.

Speaker 3 (18:03):
We're going to take you all the way up until
three pm Eastern time noon Pacific, right here on Fox
Sports Radio and on the iHeartRadio app. Coming up next here,
though somebody got an early payday in the world of football.

Speaker 4 (18:16):
We'll explain why it happened. That's yours next.

Speaker 2 (18:19):
Be sure to catch live editions of The Herd weekdays
at noon Eastern non am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio
FS one and the iHeartRadio app.

Speaker 3 (18:28):
Good news is coming out on a player in the
NFL that's got a lot to prove this upcoming season.
That'll be yours here again a little over twenty minutes
from now. So good news for Brett Mennibles who has
got himself a brand new contract from the Oklahoma Sooners
he gets it done now. There's some people that are

critical of his performance the first couple of years there
at Oklahoma, but nonetheless he has reached a contract extension,
reportedly a six year deal with a total value of
fifty one point six million that goes through twenty twenty nine,
and it's eight and a half million dollars annually for
Brent Venables, who is the guy there in Oklahoma, getting

the deal done over the weekend, and apparently they're happy
with what they see there, Brady Quinn.

Speaker 4 (19:15):
They're happy in Norman with what they've seen from Venables there.

Speaker 6 (19:19):
I mean, savvy, wise move by Brent Venables and his agent.
I mean your first year with a six and seven
something like that, I mean didn't go exactly how.

Speaker 5 (19:31):
They're they're hoping for.

Speaker 6 (19:33):
And then this past year you know able to kind
of rip off ten wins, so capitalize on that.

Speaker 5 (19:38):
You won the Red River Showdown. That's always a huge matchup.

Speaker 6 (19:42):
Brivory robbery games oftentimes, you know, really kind of create
the legacy of how that coach and player are viewed.

Speaker 5 (19:51):
And so why not capitalize off that before.

Speaker 6 (19:53):
You have to go into the SEC and you might
not be able to keep pace with the likes of
the Georgia, is the Alabama, the whoever you want to
throw in the conversation there. And I also think it's
smart considering their schedule the season. I mean, it is
a bit of a brutal schedule and depending on how
this year goes, their win loss over under is a

seven and a half.

Speaker 5 (20:15):
So think about it this way.

Speaker 6 (20:17):
I mean, had he you know, if they end up
falling short of that only win in seven games, you know,
is he a going to be able to go back
and figure out a way of reupping or getting extension.
Probably not. And so this year they've got Temple and Maine,
which looks like it looked like winnable, easily winnable games
for them. After that, I don't know, I mean even
like some of the Group of five competition they play.

You know, Houston just hired Willie Fritz, who led to
Lane to back to back double digit win seasons. They
were one of the better group of five programs. I'm
sure many people out in southern California, Colin Coward in particular,
remember when Tulane took it to his southern colge Trojans,
And so Willie Fritz is gonna get Houston kind of
I think started back up and do something similar what
he bill it Tolane. And then John Sumrl has taken

over at Selaine, who Oklahoma also has to play. I mean,
we just talked about their success, but some are all
had a lot of success at Troy, and so like
even the group of five non conference games they play well,
Tallaine being one, obviously Houston side that they're in the
Big twelve.

Speaker 5 (21:14):
Now it's it's not even like a gimmea anymore.

Speaker 6 (21:17):
But then you you mentioned you got to play Tennessee,
you have to pay Auburn, You've got to play Texas,
still in red River, South Carolina, at Old Miss, at Missoo,
and you finished playing Bama and in Baton Rouge Rius Lsu.
I mean that was just a gauntlet of a schedule.
So krudus to Brent Venables to his agent, get that
deal done now before they're gonna have to go into

a gauntlet of a schedule.

Speaker 2 (21:41):
You know.

Speaker 7 (21:42):
And I've been I've been on this recruiting trail with
with men men, and we've been going.

Speaker 4 (21:48):
To to a few different Yeah, hit what up, Doug.

Speaker 7 (21:52):
One of the biggest questions that is asked by the
parents and by the players in these in these recruiting
visits is is what's the what's the level of confidence
that you'll be here as a coach, Like that's one
of the big questions. Like if I'm taking away, what
are the most asked questions, that's one of the main
questions that's asked. So I think that this is a

great move. I mean he's above average. I mean he's
sixteen and ten as the Sooner's head coach, which means
in such a competitive conference, that's still he's you know,
he's having success. It's only been two seasons, so he's
still building. And you got to add into the equation
in il and transfer portal. And I think one of

the things about maybe if you have a guy that
you really feel good about that's coaching your team, you
want to show that there's a level of commitment from
the university so that that coach can actually speak with
confidence in terms of how he's addressing his current team
as well as the players that he's trying to bring

in to become a part of the program. So I
think it's a smart move. It's a wise move because again,
you don't want to have a situation where if a
coach ends up leaving, it's not just about losing the
power to recruit, you're also putting in danger in jeopardy
your roster because leaving schools has become not only a trend,

but it's easier, it's easier to kind of jump ship.
So I think you're going to see a lot of
colleges actually making more aggressive moves if they have a
coach that they really believe in that they can build
their program or stabilize their program. I think you're going
to see a lot of colleges take and think about

a different approach as to how they look at the
employment of the coaching staffs that they're bringing in.

Speaker 3 (23:51):
It's kind of what sab and him today, and we've
talked about this before. He got was getting tired of
having to answer questions from assistance like how.

Speaker 4 (23:59):
Long are you going to be here?

Speaker 3 (24:00):
Because everyone was just looking at their own future. And
he's like, all right, listen, just.

Speaker 5 (24:04):
Though, I mean I asked you that all the time, Jonas.

Speaker 7 (24:06):
Yeah, I mean, And it's so it's the vampire, So
you don't really you can't really base age off of
what what Jonas is going to do.

Speaker 3 (24:13):
No, we don't really know how old he is. She's
talking about. It's the daytime right now. That's the most
son I've seen in months. I can't believe you're still
alive and you're not burning. It's this It's weird, man.

Speaker 5 (24:21):
I can't believe. We don't know if you just had
your birthday, not the far birthday.

Speaker 7 (24:25):
I know, I know what it is. When is it
June thirtieth? It is hell? Yeah, see I'm not I'm
not hard there. It is well hold on, boss, you
know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (24:36):
Yeah, commercial break went to commercial I would be but
so guys, you guys are silly billies.

Speaker 4 (24:44):
Man, what do you mean, man, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (24:46):
Yeah, it is a little a little a little different
here this time slot, I'll say that.

Speaker 4 (24:50):
And plus we're the other really good, I gotta tell you.
And we're back, Yeah, we're back where it all started in.

Speaker 3 (24:54):
The other student begin looking at all the traffic, all
the people watching. Now you know the I'm sure they'll
be you know, good to see the Uh the taggers
got that sign over there.

Speaker 4 (25:04):
They graffiti that one up pretty good. So that's nice.

Speaker 7 (25:07):
There's no demonstrations going on right now, though it's generally
like the the epicenter of demonstrations. Yeah, take place like
right here at this this little intersection.

Speaker 4 (25:16):
Yeah for sure, right. I mean, you guys usually.

Speaker 5 (25:19):
Have better stories about the homeless people walking around.

Speaker 7 (25:21):
I mean maybe they'd be moving around, but I feel
a lot. Yeah, it's a little would I say it's
the weather is a little one, Yeah.

Speaker 4 (25:27):
Probably a lot touch shelter.

Speaker 7 (25:29):
I mean, you know you might you might see uh
you know Mary there. I much I was thinking more
so Taught is going to make this is the herd,
So I don't think that's like an appearance.

Speaker 4 (25:43):
For people that are that are not familiar.

Speaker 3 (25:45):
Lee to Lap is our executive producer, and uh, he's
got a mullet, like legitimately as a mullet. And I
think Veto, who does the imaging, came in and was like, hey, Lege,
you get dressed up and it's like, what do you mean?

Speaker 4 (26:00):
I put gel in my hair.

Speaker 3 (26:05):
That was Lee's Armani tucks. That was his Armani tucks.
He got out of the closet. Some Labella jelly throw
in his Saritay walked in the stadio. But I mean
he looks refreshed, he's back.

Speaker 4 (26:18):
He is back.

Speaker 3 (26:18):
So fired up for that. Also fired up as we
transition away from that, over to god, we got a
game seven coming up later on tonight.

Speaker 5 (26:28):
How about that?

Speaker 4 (26:29):
Has been all over? Yes, the NHL comes, how about it?
I thought it was all but over.

Speaker 1 (26:36):
Was gone.

Speaker 4 (26:37):
This is exactly what we needed.

Speaker 3 (26:38):
We needed a game seven, and you got some nervous
people in South Florida, one of those being Brady Quinn,
who may or may not be in South Florida, but
he's nervous because his panthers are looking at one of
the epic choke jobs in the history of sports later
on tonight. And it'd be better for the NHL if
it happened, because Connor McDavid could raise the Cup unopposed

any other big time event going on on a Monday night,
getting all the glory because the NBA Finals were a
bunch of crap.

Speaker 6 (27:08):
Minton's got all the momentum I mean, that's the reality
of this. This could be one of the I don't
know if you call it a choke job. I don't
know if you call it collapse, however you want to
describe it. This would be the ultimate collapse and probably
even worse for Panthers fans because you're in the Stanley
Cup last year and so you got close, and after

a new ownership group who's built this franchise up, you
think the second time round, like, okay, we're the better team.
And I think a lot of people thought that coming
into the series. They were favorite of Coming in the series.
You go up three to zero, it's like, all right,
it's not gonna get to a game seven.

Speaker 5 (27:43):
Come on.

Speaker 6 (27:44):
They have absolutely collapsed. I mean so much so that
Sergei Bobrovski did. He wasn't even practice yesterday, which is
completely out of the ordinary, you know, having a game
seven game tonight, so no idea what's going on. I Mean,
one of the tough things about this last three game
skid is the goal differential ones up being a bit

of a misnomer, right, I Mean, there's empty netters, Like
it's not like that falls on the goalie necessarily, so
at times, the score looks inflated, the margin of difference
looks a.

Speaker 5 (28:16):
Little worse than it actually was. These have been by
and large.

Speaker 6 (28:19):
The last game was probably the most competitive of the
most recent three. But I mean, Ford has got to
figure this out, man, I mean, it is unbelievable to
see how this this entire series has taken a one
to eighty since Game four. And I don't know hockey
well enough to put my finger on it, but I
know this. I mean, ultimately, you know your goalie is
what's going to lead you. So Barbrovsi's gonna have to

come out and have the game of his life tonight
compared to what's happened the last three games.

Speaker 3 (28:44):
Yeah, but there's a lot of people who don't know
anything about the w NBA and they have an opinion
on it. Tanged is the season right? You don't have
to be an experts where you go with this. I'm
just saying that, come.

Speaker 6 (28:55):
We spent we spent all of two minutes on the
NHL Stanley Cup Game seven.

Speaker 5 (29:01):
History could be.

Speaker 6 (29:02):
On hand here if emin can come back and pull
it off and Jonas immediately pivots.

Speaker 4 (29:07):
No, I'm just pointing that out. I mean, I'm way
more interested.

Speaker 3 (29:16):
I was gonna ask you guys though, because there's some
people are the worst. Listen, I'm just we're just, you know,
having conversation. You think I'm trying to stir the pod here,
I'm not trying to stir the pot. That's the last
thing I would definitely not. But is there such thing
as momentum as a player?

Speaker 4 (29:35):
Yes? Yes, Okay, because there's some people that kind of
and the oilers have it.

Speaker 6 (29:40):
Yes, it's it's harder for I think us as football players.
And I won't speak for you LeVar on this, but
maybe you'd agree. You know, we play a team in
our division twice a year, but it's not back to back, right,
It's not like you you know, they're literally like staying
in your in your you know city, and you're playing
them next week or even if few days later, right,

I mean you're seeing them potentially, you know, in a
couple of weeks. We've seen that now more often in
the schedule, but that's it. You only see them a
couple of times. You're talking about playing this one team,
not including the regular season seven times now consecutively. Yeah,
Like I'm surprised there's not more fights that don't break out,
I mean between guys getting shippy and just frustrated with

the whole situation. But I think from that standpoint, like
that's to me what makes this so great in other
sports and really their playoff series is you get that
competitive or repetitive competition versus one another. So I don't know,
it's a little harder in football because unless you unless
you like over a streak of years, you just feel

like that team has your number. You're only playing them
most two maybe three times if you see them again
in the playoffs, and so yeah, the momentum feel is real,
but you also feel like you have a little bit
more of a shot I think on each individual game
in football as opposed to like a series like this,
I don't know, it's hard to like adjust or redirect
or make a change you don't have any time you've

had only a couple of days, a few days.

Speaker 7 (31:06):
How many times do you think a team that isn't
better then the other team wins a seven game series?

Speaker 4 (31:14):
I mean, you know what I mean, I don't think
that often.

Speaker 7 (31:17):
I don't think often at all, actually, So it's just
one of those things when you talk about momentum. Is
it a matter of the team was always better than
the other team that that kind of got up on them,
and and now they've found the momentum. They they found
that that stride that shows that they're the better team.

Was it the team that you know is got up
quickly and and you know, they had the lead like
the Cats got up. They it all looked like they
were going to cruise to a championship, another cup, and
now they find themselves in a situation where they have
to you know what they say, batter down the hatchet.

Speaker 4 (32:00):
Or whatever it is.

Speaker 7 (32:00):
And then you got to really like kind of you know,
you got to refocus and you got to show that
we can win this last game because we we are
the better team. I mean, it's there's so many different
ways that being the better team could play out during
a seven game series when you are playing each other
back to back and and consecutively. The adjustments, how are

the coaches handling the adjustments within the series. I mean,
there are so many different moving parts. But generally speaking,
I would I would probably lean towards the idea and
understanding that the better team generally is going to win
a seven game series. So no matter how it started,
it's generally how that series ends because you have to play.

As Q mentioned, you got to play each other so
many times, and there's a familiarity that is created during
the course of that that that matchup that you're going
to see, it has to come down to are you
better or are you not?

Speaker 4 (33:00):
Whether it's the coaching or whether it's the players.

Speaker 3 (33:02):
Just friendly piece of advice for anybody out there that
is a Panthers fan or as an Oilers fan, I
wouldn't recommend drinking during the game because you're anxiety and
your nerves are going to make you forget how much
you've had and you'll get up to use the bathroom
after like the first intermission and you'll fall into the window.
Like it's just not a good idea. You'll get crippled
quick if you start boozing or licking the lid if

you're watching this game. So I'm just saying, you got
you gotta be carefout.

Speaker 5 (33:27):
This game different from any other.

Speaker 3 (33:28):
Game because it's game seven, all right, there's no more
margin for air, all right, It's all on the line.
And this is just friendly advice, all right. I wouldn't
recommend you you bend the elbow while you're watching this game.

Speaker 4 (33:39):
It could go poorly for you.

Speaker 5 (33:40):
Is that what you've resorted to? You're just giving like
drinking advice.

Speaker 4 (33:43):
Now yeah, I mean listen to what we don't have,
like betting.

Speaker 5 (33:46):
Advice or any analytical take on this one.

Speaker 4 (33:49):
But betting.

Speaker 6 (33:50):
Have you pivoted so hard onto the w NBA bet
You must not want to talk about that.

Speaker 3 (33:55):
No betting advice for me. I bet on a horse
race in Japan this weekend and I didn't realize they
ran in the opposite direction, like I thought there. I
thought I was drunk and they were going.

Speaker 4 (34:07):
No, of course, not betting advice on the Staley Hell no, whatever, whatever.

Speaker 7 (34:15):
The threads of darkness is to bet on go the
opposite direction and you're going to win.

Speaker 6 (34:21):
Isn't that kind of like how the toilets are over
in Australia. Don't they flush the opposite That's what they say.

Speaker 7 (34:25):
And I don't understand what that still don't understand how
that works. What does that mean?

Speaker 5 (34:29):
There's a gravitational pull or something?

Speaker 7 (34:31):
Yeah like that. The swirl is different. What does the
opposite direction or what is? What is You never paid
attention to the regular swirl.

Speaker 3 (34:40):
Here, What does the Earth's gravitational pull have to do
with somebody taking a dump in Sydney?

Speaker 4 (34:45):
Dang, you know what I mean?

Speaker 5 (34:47):
It's the way it flushes.

Speaker 7 (34:48):
Okay, all right, Well I was thinking reverse like as
in like it comes out from where it goes and
goes up.

Speaker 3 (34:55):
Also, we're gonna be if we're gonna be fair horrible,
We're gonna be fair about this. Isn't lead to laugh
real prints of darkness, like if we're going to be
shown No, But I was saying.

Speaker 6 (35:04):
Lee would typically be way on this matter, and he
would have for us the information as to why for
twelve Well.

Speaker 7 (35:11):
We could say based off of the restroom, but we
could also say based off of other things as well well.

Speaker 3 (35:16):
Listen to Jamaica Queens or something. I don't know what
what plumbing issues anybody's got, but I do know this.
You can save big on your water and energy bills
with the new Navvy and tankless water heater Navvian tankless
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All right, So coming up next here on the herdline news.

We have got good news on one player in the
NFL who's got a lot to prove this season, and
that's yours next over twelve minutes from now on Fox
Sports Radio. By the way, before we get to the
Herdline News, want to remind you this, shortly after the show,
the podcast will be going up, So if you've missed
any of today's show, be sure to check out that pod.
Search two pros or Heard wherever you get your podcasts.

Be sure to also all O rate and review the
pod again. Just search two pros or Heard wherever you
get your podcast, and you'll see today's show posted right
after we get off the air, and Ryan Music is back.

Speaker 4 (36:09):
It's not music. Good to be here, guys.

Speaker 3 (36:12):
Anybody welcome to the the new but old studios. Yeah, listen,
I don't like it down here. There's too much space,
you know. I don't like when we're bumping elbows and
running up on each other. Shows out of a trash can.
It shows out of a trash can. The only thing
missing was Brady. Brady, we should have brought you out
to fitto that the tight how it was out there.

Speaker 7 (36:35):
So it's a one man studio, is what it is
put it lightly. All right, let's get things started. With
the NFL.

Speaker 3 (36:41):
Texans made waves when they traded for Stefan Diggs. A
small dip in production in this final season with the
Bills had some people wondering if perhaps he wasn't quite
the same player. Well case Keenum, his teammate in Minnesota,
of course, briefly in Buffalo, now again in Houston. He
disagrees with that, and here's what he had to say.
He's a dynamic player. He hasn't lost a step. If anything,

he's gotten more savviness and can put some extra sauce
on some routes when he needs to win. He's done
a great job of continuing to build his craft, work
on his tools, his tool set, and I'm excited to
see what he can do coming up in the fall
extra sauce. He's also got a lot to play for too,
so I'm assuming he'll be on his best behavior to
get that.

Speaker 4 (37:21):
This best behavior, yea, his.

Speaker 5 (37:24):
Final year they restructured it. I get it.

Speaker 3 (37:26):
This will be his third big contract he's trying to
go for right, so this theoretically could be his last one.
I mean, last last big payday.

Speaker 5 (37:35):
Yeah, last big one.

Speaker 4 (37:36):
The big one.

Speaker 3 (37:38):
I'm trying to find a way that Houston stinks and
I just don't see it happening.

Speaker 4 (37:44):
I just don't know.

Speaker 6 (37:44):
The division's gonna be tough though. I mean, Jacksonville should
be better.

Speaker 3 (37:47):
Trevor Lawrence stays healthy all year, they could.

Speaker 5 (37:49):
Be sit back.

Speaker 6 (37:51):
Yeah, the Richardson said, should be able to help the Colts,
who was in a playoff contention with with Minshoe starting
for him last year, So there'll be a part of it.

Speaker 5 (37:58):
I have no idea what to make it. To see that,
to me is one of the biggest wild cards in
the NFL.

Speaker 7 (38:02):
It's a great track. I'm with you, Jonas, They're gonna
be good. Q's good though. Q is a half half glass,
half fool type of guy. Though, you know, I like that.

Speaker 5 (38:12):
It's the NFL. Though we always like we do this
every year. We ever off season favorites and then this
season starts.

Speaker 4 (38:19):
From I mean, deependulum has swung so far on the Texans.

Speaker 3 (38:21):
A lot of people going into last season was talking
about how much of a disaster they could be and
how much c J. Stroud is going to have to
overcome to have any success. It's a great point, you know,
it's a great point.

Speaker 5 (38:31):
It's like three years before that they were like in
the hunt for the division.

Speaker 6 (38:35):
I mean, that's another strong That's one of the things
that like we tend to forget is if you go
back eight years, who's won the most AFC South divisions?

Speaker 4 (38:43):
Houston Texans. Damn right, coach Boat.

Speaker 6 (38:46):
They were a disaster of an organization because they will
they went through whatever they went through for like twelve
to twenty four months.

Speaker 4 (38:52):
Oh, don't act like you're not a Jack easterby Guy Brady.

Speaker 6 (38:54):
Come on, I'm just saying that that organization was success
for a period of time. Going to the playoffs with
what Connor Cook, his rookie season.

Speaker 3 (39:04):
Coach Bob Baby Bill O'Brien hit him, going, all right,
we'll wrap up with this out of the NBA. According
to multiple reports, the Cavaliers are hiring Kenny Atkinson to
be their next head coach and this according to Sham Sharania,
Cleveland is preparing an extension offer to their star Donovan
Mitchell and they are confident they'll be able to reptain him.

There was some speculation out there about whether or not
Mitchell is looking for another long term commitment to stay
with the Cavaliers and that there are some rival organizations
out there, most notably the Lakers, Nicks, even the Miami
Heat that are looking to make a play for the
five time All Star.

Speaker 4 (39:43):
What a weird hire by the Cavs. It's a really
first stub head coach, right, no head coach.

Speaker 3 (39:50):
Right, That's why it's a weird hires, Like he's got experience,
Like would you do that? Dang, I don't get it.
It just doesn't make any sense. Don't they keep up
with the modern trends in the command the and.

Speaker 4 (40:00):
Uh, they should have been the ones that got it.

Speaker 3 (40:05):
Done, just saying Ryan Roussillo's got a great podcast and
the guy knows hoops. So yeah, maybe maybe that's the movie.

Speaker 4 (40:14):
He's the next guy who gets a gig.

Speaker 3 (40:17):
Yeah. By the way, the the Cavs did win a
game against Boston the playoffs, like they did beat the
Celtics in the playoffs, And if donovand Mitchell doesn't get injured,
you know, maybe that series is a little bit more interesting.

Speaker 4 (40:28):
You know.

Speaker 3 (40:28):
They they can play a little defense and uh, and
it's good to see the Cleveland Cavaliers that kind of
bounce back after that Lebron James left him high and
dry again twice.

Speaker 4 (40:39):
That's the bounce back, dumped him twice. It's messed up, man.
I don't know how you put up.

Speaker 5 (40:43):
With it with the championship the last time.

Speaker 3 (40:45):
Yeah, but come on, man, like, you know, don't leave
a wat of cash on the table and say, hey,
dad just going to run errand you know we don't
need that, all right. They deserve respect and the Cleveland
Cavaliers are going to get it with a coach who's
got a little bit of an experience being the table.
Nothing nothing, how make any sense? Well, it's like, you know,

don't don't tell me you care and then leave cash
and bail. That's what Lebron did. He left a trophy.

Speaker 5 (41:12):
Dad's not coming back a.

Speaker 7 (41:15):
Lot of cash looking out for you man. It was
on the sideline for playoffs though, you know, yeah that
is true.

Speaker 4 (41:21):
You know it's still there. The secret to.

Speaker 1 (41:23):
Getting endless hot water at home go tankless with Navian.
Navian tankless water heaters provide endless hot water for spawl
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Navvian tankless water heaters with local rebates. It's easy visit
tanklessmadsimple dot com. That's tanklessmadsimple dot com.

Speaker 4 (41:52):
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