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October 22, 2021 46 mins

Ep.203 - David Brody from Elvis Duran and The Morning Show and Jamie from Lite FM break down FEAR S7 EP1 "THE BEACON" & World Beyond S2 ep3

Plus we give you the latest news about The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond #TheWalkingDead #TWD #FearTWD #TWDWorldBeyond #TalkingDead  

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
Here are welcome you to Walkers and Talkers episode two
oh three. Jamie, I can't believe it too. We're past
two the Brooklyn Boys we just recorded right before this,
we recorded episode we're close to two hundred. I'm like, yeah,
but Walkers and Talkers is it two oh three? Like

we're over past we did it. Yeah, we're over oh
before I forget. We are getting the T shirts sent
out this week. If you order the Walkers and Talkers
T shirt, it's being mailed out this week. Yeah, my
boy Matt at Brooklyn Boys, that big cartel dot com
gave me the total number of shirts ordered. Thank you
Walkers and Talkers fans. Thank you s Brooklyn Boys fans

who also ordered when I promoted it on that show
as well. So we appreciate the support. So yeah, I
get him at Brooklyn Boys, that big cartel dot com.
While they don't have the well that I guess I
have to order at least another twelve to get the
machine going again. So let's get that going. Let's get
it going, let's pun him up. Yeah, Jamie will post
a picture of herself wearing the shirt when she gets Yes,

yes you will. Okay, So we're juggling multiple Walking Dead shows.
Right now, we've got we've got World Beyond and Fear
the Walking Dead. If you don't have a m C plus,
then you're not jumping ahead of you ahead? Are you
jumping ahead? Are you an episode two already of Fear? No,
I didn't watch it yet. I've watched all three episodes
of World Beyond. I think, okay, you did watch that,

you're all caught up. You have not jumped ahead on that,
and I haven't jumped ahead on Fear. So I'm trying
to keep it to the people that don't have a
m C plus to keep it in in the same week.
If that's okay, I'm not going to do a full
breakdown the World Beyond. I don't love the show. It
had moments, but again, the cast is so small. Nobody
on the value is going to die until maybe like

the last couple episodes. Right, you can't kill one of
six people. It is so small. It's it's so tiny
that if one of them died to be like drastic, right,
there's only two seasons. So what they needed was they
needed another kid to leave with them, and then that
kid died. They needed for like the kids a red
shirt who like, you know, Tommy, come on Tommy, Tommy,

look out Tommy. Right. But they didn't do that. They
didn't do that. I would have thought like Silas would
have been that guy. Or Elton with his toughie suit.
His toffie stitch saved his life. Okay, So the episode this,
this was the interesting part of the episode. It starts
off with a flashback with hook or a ka Jennifer

on a dock on a lake I guess somewhere with
a broken arm and a bloody cheek, and an old
couple rescues her and takes her into Omaha, which is
how she started her undercover journey, pretending to be Hawk,
this injured girl and whatever her back story was. Percy
to Elton come across a weird guy and girl couple

who end up being brother and sister who are camped
out in the woods, and Percy can tell they must
live in a community based on the fact they've got
food and vegetables and they're dressed well, and he analyzes
them immediately they were clean all that stuff. So Percy
is like, let's jump these people get some food, and
so Elton says, no, let me, let me try talking
to them. So he goes down and introduces himself and

he befriends them and they give him food. And as
they're giving him food, Percy is behind them stealing out
of their cart in front of them. They gave you food.
They gave you a parsnip or potato or something. A
turn it right, turn it, that's what it was. Yeah, yeah,
and uh and he's and he's stealing. So now they

got to run for their lives because these two people
they have been found out. They run into a wooded area.
Elton falls down and walkers come up from under the
ground that are covered in flowers. It was cool. Of course,
they don't kill anybody, and they get rescued by the
brother and sister. Oh, this was the interesting thing. So

one of them is is biting on Elton's arm. You're like, uh,
Elton's gonna lose his arm. The girls ready to chap
it up. The brother and sister don't even look to
see if he's wounded. Oh I know, and they throw
him to the ground and they're about imagine that they did,
my god, and about to do the old arm cut
off things so the virus doesn't spread and Percy's like,
don't do it, and he's like, I'm not caught. I'm

not bitten, and he has to show them he's wearing
corduroy that's so thick you can't bite through it. I'm
calling corduroy bullshit. That the walkers didn't bite Percy. They
bit the kid wearing the corduroy that you can't bite through.
Of course, So they tie the two of them up
and Asha, who's the sister, takes his corduroy from him

and puts it on. She's like, oh, well, if you're
gonna wear you, you're gonna steal from our food. We're
gonna take your clothing. Yeah. So they make a big
deal about putting hoods on their head and going through
area with signs of like radiations, stay out, And it
turns out they were only taking them to the farming
community where the rest of the people are, because somehow

they ended up in the same area as everybody else,
even though they split up and they almost died and
they're on their own and Percy was wounded, and somehow,
in the vast expanse of the of of going cross country,
they end up in the same basic area they ended
up watching them eat turnips and they just happen to
stumble across it. Right, good thing? What is that? You

have a race car? I think something. Something's drag racing
outside my house. The hell's going on at your TV
is not on? So now you have a drag race
going on. I I know I d have the TV off,
So now I have a fast and furious outside my house.
All right, Well, there you go. As it happens, people,
as it happens, So I'm gonna call it. I'm gonna
call Hawk Jennifer for the rest of this, So I'm

gonna try. Jennifer sneaks out of CRM. She has to
lie to get out, and she brings Hope to see Iris,
her sister. She tries to convince her to come back
to CRM, but Iris doesn't want to. Felix is hiding
Will because CRM sent out a task force to kill
Will's group because if you remember, Will wanted to go

and see the communications tower or whatever the satellite because
he didn't believe Omaha just lost communications. He thought something
more nefarious was going on, and he was right. So
he says, look, you better hide because CRM is trying
to kill you. Felix joins them, and you know he
wants to kill Hockey hates her right well, it was

weird because he didn't want her to die right Later
in the episode, he figures out that Percy is there
because Percy and Elton are hiding, and Percy sees Jennifer
Hawke show up at at night of course, and he
finds weapons. Ryany knows where the weapons are kept, and
he takes an automatic weapon a rifle, and he's going

to shoot horror in the woods. Looks like it looks
could kill. Yeah, well, and his gun would kill because
he's got the gun because he wants to kill her
because she tried to kill him, remember, and he ran off.
She killed his She killed his traveling mate, the magician,
his uncle right from I got spent so long, right,
she killed and made it look like Silas killed the

two of them. He has it in for Hawks, So
even though Hawk was trying to, you know, bring them
on board, it was her mission to kill everybody else,
it was, and she was willing to do it. So
I don't know, I you know, I know it's her
mission and her mother is crazy, but I still feel
like you can't do that right, you can't. No, I
don't care what her back story is anyway. Once Will

and Felix realize that Percy is going to do this,
they realized that that Hawk might be the key to
getting into CRM and they need her, They need her
to you know, get information from and they feel like
if he kills her, it'll bring a problem because this
community is there under the observation and allowance of Crmly

so he's in the woods. I'm calling just bullshit on
the whole scene. But she's in the woods for no reason. Now,
he didn't know she'd be walking around the woods for
no reason. No, So he grabs a weapon and goes
behind a tree or a rock or a tree I
don't remember, and he's got her in his sights. Why
why how did he know she'd be walking in the
woods by herself at that exact moment and he knew

where to go to have her in his sights? Of
course on the show that of course they do. Last
he saw her, she was in the middle of the
street talking to everybody else. Now she's alone. So every
time he's about to shoot her, she walks behind something tree,
this this thing in the middle of nowhere that was.
I don't know what it was, target practice. I don't know.
She's walking and she's examining it, and every time he's

about to shoot her, Now, look, you have you have
an automatic weapon. You could run up and just oh yeah, yeah,
and he wouldn't miss. So he's trying to use this
automatic sniper weapon. You could take her out. You don't
have to shoot it from a distance. So as he's
finally gonna shoot her, Will and Huck jump in front

of her, so he can't get a clean shot. Now
he doesn't know who Will is, So I'm not sure
why he didn't also shoot Will. Right. He never met
Will to my rec not not that I know. And
I don't think he's absolutely in love with Felix. Wouldn't
you Felix. But he should have shot Will. I don't
know why he didn't assume Will was part of CRM.

You would think anybody really there was kind of part
of it. Yeah, So they stop him from doing that,
and I guess Percy runs off in the woods because
you don't see him again. Silas tries to escape the
garbage dump of walkers he's working in, and the other
kids find him trying to escape, by the way he's
walking up the road to escape, wouldn't you go in

the trees or go at night? Well, he was like
la la la, right in the walks by their clubhouse,
like the little room. Are you trying to escape? He's like,
you're gonna get caught, and he's like, no, wouldn't you
have a bat? I know, he's not the smartest guy
in the show. What do you have a backstory? Like
if I get caught, I'll say I was going out
for food, or how you go take a leak? I

was gonna say, or something. So they locked him in
like a haunted house training facility where walkers are coming
at him left and right. They give him a bat,
and I will say this, he knows how to play
baseball because he was swinging the bat like someone who
plays baseball. Yeah, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan swings the bat
like someone who doesn't play baseball. He can hit Abraham

in the head. Spoiler, Abraham's dead. He doesn't swing it
like a real baseball player. Silas was swinging it like
Babe Ruth, like just going for the for the fences
on these on his walkings. And I guess he earned
their respect because they came in. They didn't care if
he died or not, but they made it seem like
we would have rescued you if you needed it, but
you didn't need our help. And apparently he did it
in almost the record time. They were impressed by him,

and he's strong. He's strong, and he was so annoyed
he kind of like walked off, like you assholes. At
some point, he's bonding with Dennis, the guy who brought
him there. Yeah, the guy, the van driver, right, who
we now know is Hawk's boyfriend. Well, I should say
Jennifer's boyfriend because that comes up. So he's telling him
that his friends may be in danger because that with

someone they don't know as a murderer, and he says, well,
I'm sure your friends will be fine. He says, you
don't know how dangerous Hook is, and so Dennis, not
knowing who he's talking about his girlfriend, he says, oh,
you shouldn't be worried about some old battle acts named Hawk.
It's your girlfriend, it's your girl exactly. Elton finds a
shack with medicine in it. Asha finds him coincidentally and

says the medicine is for her. We find out later
on it's for her mother. So her mother and dear
who runs the farming area that community whatever it is,
is dying or is sick and has to take medication.
M Felix and Will and Iris try to convince Jennifer
that CRM killed everyone at Omaha and Campus Colony and
she doesn't believe it. Why would they do that? Something

like that would I had to go through my mother
in other words, like her mother would never have approved that.
Oh please, honey, your mother is a ringleader. You know
your mother is crazy. You start seeing some doubt in
her eyes, like maybe I don't know. She has to
know deep down in her bones. Mama a little crazy
at what? I don't remember because I'm jumping around here.
But at one part, Felix was in the woods with
Jennifer and Jennifer is walking like ten ft in front

of him for some reason and walker coincidence bullshit. A
walker comes out of the woods as they're walking and
not making any noise. Felix realizes that this is his opportunity. Now,
this is the part that didn't make a lot of sense.
He takes out his knife like he's going to stab her,
but then turns the knife around so it's handled down,
and he bangs her in the back of the top

of her back, Like why didn't he just punch her?
I don't know what the back of the knife would
have done any more than I don't know, like it
didn't make any sense to me, Like it doesn't get
a little get a little bit more blunt force behind it.
Maybe it was it was like like the butt end
of a gun, like there was a little handle knife.

He hit her in the back, and she collapsed and
couldn't get up. He gets the walker right now somehow
Hawk has now rolled over on her back conveniently so
that he can lift up the walker by it by
its clothing and hold it over her face and make
her feel like she was about to die. And he

says to her something along the lines of I wanted
you know how it feels to know I want to
kill you because I'm eventually going to kill you no
longer piffles. So she goes back without Iris, because Iris
is going to overthrow the government. That's her her goal.
And she goes back and she sees her mother and
she asks for can I get a list of names
of the survivors of Omaha, and how many people survived,

because you know, thousand people, no matter how big the
herd was, some people would have run. Somebody's got to
make it, you would think, right, even if there was walkers,
at some point, they're gonna all crouch down and eat
one person. So the rest of them could have run
out somehow put did the guts trick and got out

of there. Although maybe they didn't know the guts trick.
Maybe they don't know how to fight, maybe because like
if they're all from behind the wall. But even so,
you'd like push one and like run past it. It
seems like that you you'd like lock yourself on the
roof of a building, you'd find a way. There'd be
some survivors. So Elizabeth, her mother gets all like, you
don't have a rank high enough to get that information. Really,

you can't tell her like, oh yeah, we got like
a hundred people out it, proud, like, oh my gosh,
you know we were able to save She says, you
shouldn't start things up. You have enough trouble right now.
That's not a normal response to a normal question. No,
So then Jennifer has a flashback to her getting ready
for her mission to infiltrate Omaha. She cuts her face open,

which is why she has the scar on her face. Yeah,
and her mother this says, why did you do that?
She's like, you know, get ready, I wanted to be
to look real. And then so she asks her why
she did that. And then the next thing she does,
she must have known it was coming. She puts her
arm across two cinder blocks and the CRM guard takes
the butt of his rifle and breaks her arm. Oh like,

right at the joint. And that's why when the old
couple found her, she had a broken arm and a
cut bloody face. Yep, and that's why they rescued her.
So she did. She took two for the team right there.
I mean, she legitimately wasn't really bad shape. She lied
about it, but she was hurting. So that was the
only thing I thought was cool was the backstory story

the rest of the Yeah, they asked if it was like, okay, fine,
no one's gonna die. Like watching The Walking Dead keeps
you on edge because you know, at any moment, someone could.
Oh yeah, unlike Fear, where really nobody dies of value.
Although John Dorry died spoiler Yeah, that was sad that
that I was actually really disappointed and he wanted off
the show. He wanted off show. No, but in this

show is going to die for a while. I keep
waiting like at some point one of them needs to go.
Like the sisters are gonna make it to mostly the end,
but I feel like, who I think Elton needs to go?
Do you feel like one sister is not going to
make it to iris? I feel like I feel like
Hope may die trying to save her father. Otherwise, like

she's too bright not to have ended up somewhere else
and now she's so smart. Yeah, I don't think she's
gonna make it. That's just my prediction. We're gonna break
down fear the Walking Dead, which is a show that
has a little more action to it, and we'll do
that since we come back right after this. All right,
Mr Scott Wilson. First from The Walking Dead, and you're
listening to the Walkers and Talkers podcast with David Brody

and Jamie. All Right, Jamie fear episode called the Beacon.
There's a guy out in a radiation suit and a
gas mask looking for food. He kills a walker that
had radiation burns, but the cans of food that are
in his backpack of full of radiation. This guy has
a Geiger Counter. He's able to check the radiation. Good

for him. I would like to say that we got
a tweet from Jessica Scruggs at Lola Waffles three one
to two. I'm calling bs. Everyone conveniently has a radiation detector.
Radiation detectible shit. I I agree with that. Where are
they all getting it? And how do they all know
how to use it and read it? Well, I mean
it's it's based on the sound and the little dial

like it's like a battery tester. But they're just all
laying around. Well, that that's the thing. We find out
that we're maybe fifty days. Well, we don't know how
many days it's it's been. It's been a few months
since the Well no, he Will said he's been in
the van for fifty days, but he was also living
in the hotel with Alicia, so we don't know how

long it's been. But what the impression is it's been
a number of months. But there's no big time jump, right,
there was no big months may right, no no catching
up to the Walking Dead, which is you know, seven
eight years ahead. Right right, I'm gonna boil his chair.
It's creaky, so he can't eat the food. He sees
a possum laying there when it's guts ripped out, and

he walks away to go look for food. And I
thought to myself, we're going to see that possum again,
aren't we. We're absolutely going to see that possum again.
The guy eventually goes back to the van he's living in.
He's counting the days and it looks like he's he's
been there a number of weeks in that van. He
goes outside of his van and there are piles of
bodies that are turned to ash. He's out looking for

food again. The stream all the fish are dead from
the radiation, is bleak out there, and he's marking off
places on a map where there's no food. Everything in
the show is post nuclear. It's yellow and covered in dirt,
and it's just it's just an awful looking environment. And
of course there's zombies, you know, so it's like it's
really bad. It's a double apocalypse. He's in his van

and he's got no water and no food, and he's
got his windows covered with with that silver tinfall paper
like when they wrap you in like after the marathon. Yeah.
He he looks out the window and he sees a
bunch of people running and killing walkers. Now he noticed
that the walkers are being stripped of their clothing. So
there's naked walkers running around, right, and he's got a

gun to protect himself. He I guess he waits till
they all leave. He walks outside of his van and uh,
six walkers approach him. We assume he killed him with
his knife because we don't see them after that. They're
just all dead or he's gone. He goes out exploring.
He finds a lighthouse. Okay, at this point, I thought
he would run across somebody on the show. That's what

I was thinking. He was going to run into somebody,
but he doesn't. He walks up to the bell tower
and there's a there's a walker up there, and he
kills it. And he sees that the walker must have
died of starvation, and because there's all food wrappers laying around,
and that's when he realizes it's pretty much hopeless. There's

no food out here. So he goes back to the possum.
You cut to a scene where he's got the possum
on a spit and he's cooking the possum, which you know,
if it doesn't have radiation, it's it's still gross. And
it's going to say, can you even like let it
burn off the radiation or well, well he would have
eaten the canned food then, and how do you get

rid of like the rancid and the disease that this
possum must have. So he's looking at the possum and
he's crying, realizes his life is turned into this, and
a walker approaches him and he's not moving. He's gonna
let the walker eat him. I guess now, if you
have a gun, if you're gonna kill yourself, kill yourself. Yeah,
I can't go out in one shot versus being eaten

the live you don't do that before the walker gets him.
Perfect timing, as as everything in the show. Three people
shoot the walker and tell him he has to come
with them, and they take his picture. He asks if
they're the ones who've been stripping the bodies, and he
tries to run away, but of course he trips and
bangs his head. Of course, yeah, and they take him away.

They strip him naked, they hold him down to get
at the radiation off of him, and they show his ass.
They do. They showed some heiny, have we seen a
live asked before on the show? We saw Princess I
just I guess naked from the back, just the top though,
So I don't really think we know, No, I don't think. Oh.

I think we saw Abraham's asked when he was having
a thing, right and Eugene was watching. Eugene was watching. Alright, alright, alright,
I think that's the only full ass we've had, Okay, alright, No,
and it wasn't a broken ass like yours was broken,
ascid and if it was Darrel's ass, yea. They take
him up an elevator and there's the men that took

him or like wearing camouflage like their military men, and
he punches them like he's Captain American elevator. He overpowers them.
I'm not sure he'd be able to do that. And
he runs off the elevator and right into Strand's apartment
and Strand puts a gun to his head and Victor says,
I'm Victor Strand, and who are you? And that's how
the scene ends, and that's when the credits roll. There's

a new opening with Strand on a green background that
looks like a nuclear explosion. Now, I don't want to
jump too far ahead, but Trev's chant to the YouTube channel.
I'm not gonna spoil anything he noticed because he's up
to episode three of Fear. This is is this episode one? Yeah?
This is it? This is the premier episode. Right, So
episode two came out last week, I think on on

a am C Plus and somehow he watched episode three.
Maybe it's out, maybe he gets advanced copies. But I'll
tell you this. One of the main characters of the
show is not in the credits as of episode three.
And they didn't die on episode two because he didn't
mention it. What so, yeah, I'm not gonna say who

it is because I haven't some up to that yet.
Oh man, who was throwing out there? Let's something to
look forward to. Check that out and sure you take
a look Strand and Howard, the guy whose apartment it was,
set a table and give will his name is, Will
we find out a fancy pasta dish and a glass
of scotch. Pretty sounds pretty good to me, And he
says you can have the food we have to answer

a few questions because, as you know, we have to
answer strangers have to answer questions. He said, what did
you do before? Uh? And he's the guy says before
the dead started walking, before someone decided to blow up
the world, that was hilarious. Like which before he says,
I was a senator's aid and I did pr for him.
He said. We were in a safe shelter with the

senator and a couple of aids, but we were forced
to go outside and the Senator didn't make it. So
we find out he was outside for fifty days, which
we talked about. He says. There are people out there
stripping the dead. He said, I call them stalkers. I
don't know who they are because they're behind gas masks. Yeah,

so I'm letting you know there's some crazy people out there.
Strand takes them on a tour and this guy's playing
like on a pudding green. There's yoga going on, people
people painting, and Strand says, I had my rangers go
out and bring back anything worthwhile. Now, I don't know
how his rangers found the building, but at the at
the at the time of the well, I guess they

explained it later, but at that time, like, how did
they all find the building? There was a nuclear explosion.
So he says, I brought all these people in like you,
and I let them stay if they have value, like you,
have to show me how value. Will Yeah, and Will
sees a remember the wall of memories at Commonwealth all
the mission there's a wall of photos. He says, Um,

it's pictures of every walker we've found, whether we killed
them or not, whether they were alive or not. We
take their pictures so that the people living in the
building can see if their loved ones are dead or
not and get closure. Will asks him if Strand is
looking for anyone, and he says, I everything I need
right here, avoidance. Right. They go on the roof. They've

got solar panels, they're farming, and so I thought to myself,
why why is there no radiation up there? Why is there?
What I thought, like, well, how are you fine with
no mask and all that? Your fruits growing? And you're fine.
So then Strand tells him conveniently that the weather patterns
took the fallout away from them, so the wind blew

in a different direction. Weather fallout bullshit. Yeah, So he's
talking a Will about his philosophy and different things, and
Strand the sides. He says, you know what, Yeah, I
thought about it. You gotta go. So Will says, what
do you mean I have to go? Like, I don't
know where He's like and goodbye. Yeah, you gotta leave.
I'm not feeling it. I don't think you share my vision.

So Strand says you gotta go, and Will begging him,
and Strand says, sorry, I'm not sorry. And so Will's
packing up his things and he takes a charm necklace
out of his bag and he says, here, you will
need this more than I will. It's it's supposed to
help you carry a heavy burden. Strand sees it, gets
riled up and says, where did you find this? And

Will says I took it off of a walker, a
dead walker. And Strand says, I'll make you a deal.
Take me to where you found it, and I will
let you stay here. I thought it was nice. Yeah,
if you remember, this is the necklace he gave Alicia
last season. That's why I thought, bullshit, you got that
from Alicia, not a walker. You're lying, You're leading him
into somewhere. Yeah, like that's the necklace that he gave

Alicia to help her stay grounded because he didn't think
he could keep stayed and be himself. Right, So Strand
and Will and a few other guys go out on horseback.
Now they're all wearing face masks, right, like, yeah, those
masks right. I immediately, I immediately called horse bullshit for

the first time. That the horses have are not affected
by the radiation. Oh my god, I didn't even think
about that. You're right, they're breathing it in. They would die.
So our new listener, who's also a new listener of
the Brooklyn Boys, I'll remind you, Michael south Maide, He
tweeted at us love you guys, looking forward to every
podcast you do. I'm sorry Jamie is sick, but I
can't wait for the next one because I'm talking radiation,

horse bullshit on fear and you David or the man, Well,
thank you, Michael. You are right. I'm up to episode
one six year the Brooklyn Boys podcast and can't get
enough of those rants. Yes, Michael, thank you. You have
at this point another thirty four episodes to go of
the Brooklyn Boys podcast. So the horses apparently don't have
a problem with radiation because everyone's on horses. Oh my god,

I did. Duh. Yeah. Strand says he was at a
settlement but they asked him to leave, and he said,
my exit wasn't voluntary, and I want to try to
make it up to them to earn my way back.
And Strand, in typical Strand fashion, says success is the
best revenge. Don't spend a moment trying to make things right,
focus on trying to show them they were wrong. That's right,

but that's his philosophy. He's he's lost it. And he says,
if you secure a place at the tower, you won't
need anyone. History is written by the victors. No pun intended,
I'm assuming on his part. Yeah, it starts raining. Now
they've all taken their gas masks off, but it starts raining,
and Will says, you gotta put your gas masks on

because the rain pulls contaminants out of the air. Yes,
which you know. I don't. I don't know if I
would have thought that, but he knew that. They put
their masks back on. And again, the poor horse does
not have a mask. Will says. They take him to
the overpass where he's been living in the truck. Yes,
they're right there. Will says, I find it kind of

ironic that you're looking for someone when you said you
had everything you need, and Strand says, I do. And
Will says, then how come you're out here looking for horror?
And Strand says, I never told you I was looking
for a woman. Now, at that point, I didn't realize
what was going on. I thought for a second that
he just assumed that he only a woman would drive

him that crazy. Oh, I knew immediately he meant And
then I remembered, I think Strand is gay. I think
right right or by at least Strand tells his men
he believes they were lord out there on the false pretenses,
and they turned their guns on him. On Will Strand
says to him, where is Alicia? So now he's figured

it out, he knows that, you know, he knows he's
looking for Alisha. Bullshit, She's not dead, Okay, buddy, where
is she? Now? Before he could say anything, perfect timing, bullshit,
the stalkers show up and start firing automatic weapons at
a group of men standing in the middle of a street,
and they miss anything wrong. Apparently the stormtroopers so as

they break up, one of them shoots Will in the leg,
so he falls down. That attracts a ton of walkers
that for some reason only sneak up on the Stalker guys.
They don't come from. Now. Will sees walkers in front
of him because Strand picks him up, But those walkers
don't seem to come any closer for a little while

until Strandon, we'll jump in the van. The other walkers
from the other side sneak up on the stalkers that
are firing automatic weapons and eat at least two of them.
Oh god, I know that was they do? Well? I don't.
I know, you don't hear them because you're firing your weapons.
But if you're firing weapons and you've survived in the
apocalypse this long, don't you think walkers are going to

be attracted. Of course, that's like rule one oh one.
You make noise here they come exactly. So Strand has
him in the van and he asks about Alicia again,
and Will says, I don't know anything about her. I
know what you're talking about, And then Strand sees a
box on it from the Franklin Hotel, which is where

they Delicia in the basement that was the bomb shelter. Yea,
and Strand remembers that's where they brought Alicia. So he says,
I no longer need you Will, and Will says you
should not go out there right If you go after her,
she will never forgive Strand for going after her, and
he says, I need to go to show her I

was right. So he wants to fight Alicia so he
can show her that his way of being a selfish
prick allowed him to build and live and thrive. And
now she's gonna love you just more, just that you
wanted to prove that point, to be a dick about it.
He opens the door, and what he slays throws the door.
The van doors open and you see walkers approach the van.

You know, what the hell is that? And so he
so because he didn't care if you lived or not
at that point, and he he manages to get up
with his bum leg and grab the doors and close them. Now,
remember right outside the van where he and Will jumped
in the van to avoid walkers, is the horse tied up?
Oh did you watch the episode? I did? What are

you talking about? I don't remember them taking it. Strand
got on the horse. Oh, that's what I've watched it
so long ago. We get it early. I forget. I
forgot traumatized by Buttons. Okay. In season five of the
Oh My God, Let Buttons Go spoiler, Buns is dead.
Buttons died savagely. Anyway, Strand takes the horse from what

I remember, and the Walkers don't eat the horse. They
were out there with the horse. That's horse bullshake because
every horse in The Walking Dead gets eaten people by
people or walkers. Strand goes he finds the lighthouse, and
he sets up shop in the top of the lighthouse.
For some reason, he goes back down, opens up the
doors to the lighthouse and goes outside. Then he goes
back inside and doesn't close the doors. I know what

the hell is that. Will comes out of the fog
and holds him at gunpoint. Will tells him I knew
the whole time who you were. I knew you was Strand.
I was testing you to see if you were word saving.
Now he's got him inside the lighthouse at gunpoint. He
said Alicia was trapped in a bunker against her will
with Teddy's followers, and it didn't make her a cynical

asshole like it made you. She's a real leader. People
follow you because they fear you, not out of respect.
If they step out of line, you'll turn on them.
That's not leadership, says, I learned leadership from the senator
and from Alicia. Will says Alicia asked him to do
something that he wouldn't do and it would have protected
everyone but horror, and I wouldn't do it because he

loves her, love love. He thought if he brought Strand
to Alicia, she would let him back in the community.
But after what he's seen today that Strand as an asshole.
She wouldn't recognize you. Strand, you're just evil, and Strand
basically says, yeah, no, I agree with you. Yeah, He's like, no,
she wouldn't recognize me. You're right, you got me. Strand

says he's the one that gave Alicia that necklace, and
Will says, I know I knew it would get your
attend chin. Strand says, can I have the medallion back
because at this point he's taking the medallion from Strand, right,
he took it. He took it, He took it. If
you took it, you took it because you wanted it right,
So then Strand says, can I have it back? Well,
why did you take it? Then? I don't. I don't

understand that. It went back and forth a few times now.
So the only reason that Will took the necklace was
so that Strand could ask for it back and that
we wouldn't know. It's like three card Monty got to
follow the red card. There's no reason for Will to
ask for the medallion back if he was going to
just give it back to Strand. So he leans forward

to give him the medallion rather than just toss it
to him, and Strand pulls him down and tries to
overpower him. Classic move. I freaking knew that was gonna
happen to, Like, you're incordious, just toss it to him,
you idiot. But of course somehow, Will with his bum leg,
overpowers Strand and says, that's the third time you've tried
to kill me. I thought if I brought you to

where Asia is, it would bring us back together. But
she's better off without you. Everyone is better off without you.
He opens the doors to the lighthouse and there's a
herd of walkers walking towards the lighthouse. Why are they
walking towards the lighthouse. Wasn't it wasn't yet. It wasn't

it wasn't on yet. He opens the doors and he's acting,
and he stands there like he wants the walkers to
eat him. It's bizarre that the walkers are walking towards
the lighthouse. There was no noise, there was no light,
there was fog. How are they all walking towards the
door exactly in the fog, with no noise. So Strand

runs up and drags him back in and closes the doors,
and Will says, I know some of those walkers in
the fog in the dark. He says, some of them
are from the bunker. Something bad must have happened. And
Will says, I didn't see Alicia out there with the walkers,
but then again, I didn't see everyone. And Strand says,

then let's go outside and find out. They assume, because
there's other people there from bunker, that she's there. So
Strand goes out and the two of them go out
and it's dark. They can't see. Will finds a little
bit of fuel and pours it in the generator to
get the lighthouse light going. Right after about a minute,
the lantern burns out after they've killed a bunch of

walkers and now there's fog and you can't see in
front of you more than a foot can't see anything.
Go back right, Strand is killing him with his sword.
He's he takes out a bunch of them in the dark.
One of them is about to bite Strand in the shoulder,
and Will shoots it perfect timing. Will thank you, Strand says.
Strand says, why did you save me? And Will says,
because you care about her? You do. You do care

about her, so, in other words, you have a redeeming quality.
He said, you don't run into fog like that because
you want to prove your right. Well, to a normal person,
that's probably right, but Strand absolutely would run into the
fog to prove he was right. I'm right, amnt yep,
He says, you want to save her. I want to
save her. So then Strand says, so let's go do that.
Let's go save her, all right. So they're off to

save the Wizard. They're gonna go to the hotel because
that's where they think that's the last place they saw her.
We'll finish the recap of this episode right after this
Heygory from The Walking Dead, and you're listening to David
Broughton and Jamie on the Walkers and Talkers pod. Yes, great,
and then we ask you to do one more time
than Mike's down there. Hey Xander Berkeley, Gregory from The

Walking Dead, and you're listening to David Brody and Jamie
on the Walkers and Tuckers podcast. All right, we're back.
They go to the Franklin Hotel and everything above ground
is destroyed from the nuclear explosion of again. They are
wearing gas masks, but the horse isn't The horse is

still kicking, right. They leave it outside just by itself,
rather than bring it into the hotel. Oh my god,
and nothing again? Right? What does it stink? Is that body? Owner?
I don't know. They see that there's no one left
in the hotel. Strand says how many people lived here?
And he said about ad including the Senator. He said,

I was upstairs cleaning the ventilation system or some ship
and Teddy's men came in and killed everyone. They walk
into a giant conference room. It looks like the U
n Yeah it did. There's paintings on the wall. It
looks like a painting of Alicia walking towards a painting
of a man, yes, like she's looking for him. There's
a note on the podium which has like a presidential
seal on it, and it says for Will, and inside

the envelope it says Padre, which, of course you know,
means father or the baseball team that plays in San Diego.
Strand says, what does Padre mean? And Will is not
very helpful. He says, I don't know what it means,
but it's probably going to get her killed. I don't
know what it means. It might not even exist. So
maybe she was told that Padre was a community it

like what is it? But whatever it is, Will doesn't know,
didn't Alicia tell them, like, yeah, you think you'd leave
a freaking clue that he'd understand. He's obviously lying because
if she says Padre, she knows. First of all, she
knew he'd come back even though she kicked him out.
I guess, And he says, I was hoping to find
this Padre thing first so she wouldn't have to And

obviously Will loves her and he admits he needs her,
and Strand says, yeah, I love her too, And now
their best buddies. They leave together with walkers pulling a cart.
So they they're walking and they have they have a
cart now and they put the lighthouse in the cart
and the walkers are in the cart in there, but

the walkers. I don't know why no one's done this
before that. I remember they are walking in front of
the walkers and the walkers are trying to eat them,
so they're pulling the cart. That's great, clever. They put
the light on top of the office building where they're
living to work as a beacon, which I thought, how
did you get it wired up? That's what I thought?

And you had gas and it wired up and it
happened to fit im in. Come on now, yeah, you
had a generator to power it up. But just that's
like a wink wing. Just assume it worked. Really gross
melted face walker goes by the camera, really good special
effects makeup. Um, I'm thinking now I wrote. Here's what
I wrote. The light is going to attract a ton
of walkers and probably a lot of stragglers looking for

a place to live. That's it's basically to the dead
and alive saying come here, come here, Come here. Strand
says Alicia is the closest thing I have to family.
You said she can't lead alone. Strand says, I've watched
many people try to lead and fail. They all fell
short for the same reason. Love, right, it doesn't make

you strong. People you love they destroy you. M hm.
And Will says that light isn't to attract the leash,
is it? And Strand says, no, it's to keep other
people away as far as possible. In other words, it's
gonna bring every and every walker, and this way I'll
have a wall of walkers. No one will try to
get in. So here's what I wrote. Will is going

over the side of the roof. That's where away your
will is going over the side. Yeah, because Strand is
mental and he doesn't want this. This guy is going
to try to share Alicia's affection, and so Will says,
you know, she'll find this place and she'll get through
to you. Now, it's one of those things you should

shut your mouth while you're trying to win Strand over.
You're like, she's gonna come here and she's gonna change you,
which is exactly what he did. Remember, he asked Will
to leave because he didn't feel like he believed in
the same things morals and values. So I'm like, he
already tried to kick you out. So Strand grabs him
by the shirt whatever and throws him over the side

of the building to die in the parking lot ship.
He didn't even flinch. He's like, and he just went over.
That's some evil shit. That that is dark. That is dark.
Strand then says, after this, Alicia will never want to
have anything to do with me again, which is what
I want. First of all, how is she going to

know you threw Will off the roof? I think he's
going to tell her if she comes up. Yeah, but
you could have I mean, you could have killed him anyway,
a different way. You could have just I don't know
she gets there if he's roaming around. I mean, you
would think he got her another way. Right, You're hoping
that she comes there, even though you don't want her

to come there. She fights through the walkers, even though
you don't think she can fight through the wall, so
that you can tell her, Alicia, I killed your pal.
Will leave me alone. Don't ever forgive me. Howard the
roommates says, do you want us to go down there
and get a picture of him? For the wall, and
Strand says, no, nobody here's looking for him. Oh my god,
he's psychotic, right, And Howard says that light is going

to draw more people, and he says maybe the people
that you used to be with, like Morgan Jones. And
Strand says, I'm not worried. No one will get to me.
They'll have to go through them first, meaning the herd.
Yeah down, scroll down to will Walkers are eating his legs.

They eventually stopped eating his legs. I guess they're full
and he's turned into it. Then he turns into a walker.
I guess once he turns they stopped eating him. Yeah,
because then I guess he's He smells different now he
turns right, his side of his face is smashed in.
I think was I wrong or was his spinal cord

coming out the back of it? I don't know, But
here's something else. Unless he bounced he was falling back first,
Yes he was, Yes he was, You're right he was.
Did he bounce up and roll over? Did he roll
over in pain because he was alive on the ground.
Maybe he bounced so hard he and then he just
flipped out, But it looks like he landed on his face, right,

his face got smashed. Oh yeah, his face and his
eyeball was coming out. Unless did he turn his head
as I just popped out. But so it looks like
he landed face down because his face down smash was there.
That's what it looked like. So how did he turn
himself in mid air over and then land on his
If you're falling, would you really go face first? No?

I wouldn't want to fall face first. So that's how
it ends. Will is Dead. Scenes for next week Morgan
and Gray squat looking for a new place to live.
I guess the submarine is not great anymore, and of
course they run into trouble. They run into more people,
and you know Mayhem and Sush. I think they show
Dwight and Sherry in one of the one of the
sneak peaks, but nobody from the helicopter and Aisha Tyler

directed the episode and she joins the cast at least
for one episode. I feel like she's gonna be eaten.
Do Yeah? I feel like, well, she said, I'm talking dad.
She saw the role and thought this role is so great.
I have to play it well. When you're the director. Yeah,
but also you gave yourself a job. You gotta get
paid like you exactly. You didn't audition anyone, You took

the job, and now you gave yourself a job. That's
gotta be nice, which I could do that. I should
be the host of the show. I'm gonna host the job.
So episode two is out already on m C Plus,
so I'm not sure I'll watch it early. And uh,
the trailer for the World Beyond it looked okay, you
go look on YouTube for it. Yeah, something's got to happen.

I think I think Jada shows up an episode four. Finally,
I need we need to see her. I want to
see her. Yeah, I gotta see something. So episode three,
I don't know. The World Beyond they've better, they've better
have like somebody better mentioned like Rick. You know something? Yeah, Rick,
but the beer. We don't know where he is anymore.
But he was here, he escaped. Where is he something? Alright?

We managed to do an episode in the third All right, Jamie,
I'm out of breath. It's got to be time. What
time is it? It's time to shut this shut down.
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